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Close up Abri Form X-Plus wetting



Looks like someone wonted to show in close up when he is wetting his Abri Form X-Plus diaper :)

One soggy ABU Lavender – MurrekiFoxfloof

Yes it ssure seems like MurrekiFoxfloof have ended up whit one soggy ABU Lavender diaper here.

Squishy Bambino diaper :) – lewdpuddle



It looks like this girl sure have wake up whit a squishy Bambino Classico this morning. Good thing it was there to handle here night time accidents :)

Rearz Rebel with Skull Print

Rearz Rebel with Skull Print

A new revolution in diapers with a unique skull print, first of it’s kind on the market.
Just trim enough for daytime use, but with a massive capacity that is sure to impress.
(Comparable but not the same as Rearz inspire and spoiled)

With impressive waistbands, 4 new super strong tapes, tall standing leak guards, reinforced frontal panel and plastic backing, designed for heavy use that will outlast other brands.

Absorbency: over 20 cup (4730ml)

Medium 76-106cm (30-42″ inch)
Large 86-132cm (34-52″ inch)

The price start at €22.50.

You can place you order here.

One soggy BareBum diaper – fogopuronyc



Wow this diaper boy sure have ended up whit one supper soggy BareBum diaper. This diaper boy sure have put his diaper to some very good use :) But he should really start thinking about a diaper change before the diaper start leaking if it not already have that.