Abena Abri-Form original x-plus – Video

This video is created by: diaperman89 and it is he that you see and hears describe the ABENA ABRI FORM ORIGINAL BRIEFS X PLUS.

This is an amazing diaper that rely feels special and nice to wear even when the diaper gets wet. So i am not surprise that many AB/DL people out there like to wear and use this brand. I only hope that Abena not going to stop making this diaper. I have heard some rumors about this before but i dont know how it is now. I have not heard any new information recently about this subject. But i hope this product is going to be availably on the market for a very long time.

We need a good small incontinent brief!

Today I would like to persuade you to help the many individuals that are being forced to use mediocre products for their medical conditions. I would also like to help the many parents that have few diaper options for kids that outgrow children’s’ diapers, as well as help teenage bed wetters. Even though there are a lot of incontinence products on the market, there are few that offer a size small. This has left many parents and individuals, who fit in this size range, desperate for a well-made small diaper. Although they do find a size small, many of them are terrible for the wearer. There are a decent amount of individuals in society that do not have an efficient product they can go to, to help with these issues. Children that have outgrown baby diapers, teenagers with bed wetting issues, and small adults do not have a product they can look to for incontinent situations and bed time accidents. Now I ask you “Why should parents and adults be forced to pay for a product that well-made”? We need to show companies that the there is a selection of individuals were incontinent products are not being sold for. These individuals have every right to well-made products as any other person.

Thank You.

You can sign here.

  • Target: Major Incontinence Corporations
  • Sponsored by: Brandon H.

I have placed an order at Aww So Cute


So i decide today that i should place an order at this company and it dont was so expensive like i thought. It was kind of good price special if you thinking about that the diaper should be ship to Sweden from US. Wounder how long time its going to take to get the diapers and i hope that i am going to be able to trace the diapers. What i have heard so should this diaper be relay good. Special if you believe the people atDailyDiapers and Tumblr that have receive the diaper. So i decide that even if i have post some stuff about this company before that the dont have delivered the product that i should make an order. So i hope this going to work out great and its only cost me 50 USD which is like 351 Swedish krone and that is something that i can leave whit.

If you wont to see some product pitchers you can check out this topic at DailyDiapers for some nice pictures. I hope that you are going to like what you see.

I keep you all update when i receive my order. It is going to be so nice and awesome :)

Adult Diapering – Google Play

I found this adult diaper app on Google play when i look around the last night. I have bean waiting for some one to release this type of app. Can be a very nice app to have in your mobile phone.

Adult Diapering - Google Play

Information about the Adult Diapering App.

Adult Diapering helps people with medical conditions such as bowel or/and bladder incontinence track their daily brief changes. Features:
– Tracks daily diaper changes for adults.
– Logs diaper size, time, stool type and urine volume.
– No permissions are required; 100% safe.
Note: Some devices may experience crashes. The developer is trying to fix them as soon as possible. You can help by pressing button “Report” on crash dialog so that the developer can know what and where the bug is. Sending report requires 3G, WIFI or Internet to reach Google Play.

Sounds like a very nice and good app. It can be very good thing to have if you wont to keep track on your diaper change. You can find more picture on how the app looks like on Google Play.

Psych Out :Episode 2: Diapers? – Video

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Created by and starring Evalina Turpin
Filmed and Edited by Danny MAlin

This is relay a crazy story about a girl that have fear for diapers and visit a psychologist about it. I bet that you can figure out what is going to happen in the end of this movie? Yes she is going to be put in some adult diapers and be part in some ageplay. So you can easy say that she visiting the Psychologist whit fear of diapers and in the end she get curd from this fear and starting to enjoy to wear diapers.

You can relay call this a Psych Out Youtube clip.

The Complete Diaper Training Hypnosis

I find this complete diaper training hypnosis pack on Warp My Mind. Seams like it include all things that you need to be back in diapers 24/7 like the incontinent baby you are. ;)

Baby Induction. – A guided imagery induction that uses nursery images to lead you down into trance.
Night Diapers Curse. – You will loose bladder and bowel controll when you sleep. All dreams you have you will be wearing diapers in the dream.By day you will find you have increasing urge incontinence. TV commercials about diapers trigger the urge.
Curse 24/7 Incontinence – A permanent curse complete 24/7 bladder incontinence and bedwetting that would include wearing cloth diapers and either pink plastic panties, nursery print plastic panties or plastic lined fancy Rhumba panties.
Stroke Panties. – Every time you masturbate while wearing panties it increases your need to wear then and your diaper dependence.
Soul Mate. – Makes you seek out a soul mate that understands and shares your desire to be diapered and will change them and be your mommy.
Curse Baby Bladder. – Causes you to loose sphincter control as you bladder reverts back to the way it was when you were a baby.
Diaper Training. – Diaper training file that removes your control of your bladder and bowel when you are diapered. When you have bowel movements in a diaper you will feel very emotionally upset, you will also wet them at night and be unable to get up in the morning if you are dry for any reason.
Diaper Destiny. – This file makes diapers part of your destiny, perhaps an accident, perhaps an illness, but your subconscious will eventually force you to be incontinent. NOT removable!
Train Baby Bladder. – the free TrainBabyBladder file connected to the Baby Induction.

The only thing that is it cost 40 USD to bay and i dont know if it will work. But i bet it can be a nice listing time and maybe it working for you :)

You find the file here if you wont to download it. I wish you the best of luck in your diaper training.