Diaper Pins On Disposables

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I’ve seen the topic come up many times about defects with some disposable diapers.  Often the discussion revolves around the diaper tapes either comming loose, being defective or being so old they no longer stick.  Often people say their solution for loose or defective tapes is to use packing tape or even duct tape to keep their diaper on tight.  Yes, it works, but how does it look?  Especially for those who are AB and are looking for that baby effect.  Then you have to always have a roll of packing or duct tape handy just in case, and there is the cost of always buying tape.

I have a different solution that probably a lot of younger members who were always raised in disposables as babies and toddlers may not even think about.  Diaper pins.  Very simple, easy to use, a one time investment and they don’t take up much room at all!  They work excellent for me when I have a tape that pops off or just won’t stick.  They work equally as well if the tape comes off from the back of the diaper where it’s attached by the manufacturer.  I once bought a package of Tranquility ATN’s that had defective tapes.  Everytime I pulled the back of the diaper around to tape it in front, the tapes pulled off from the back leaving me with a diaper that had no tapes at all.

Here is how I do it that works the best for me.  I am right handed, so on the right side of my diaper I tape the diaper on as usual, but knowing the tape will probably pop off, I put a diaper pin in the back part of the tape, meaning through the tape and diaper where the tape has been attached to the back of the diaper by the manufacturer.  The pin goes through the tape, through the diaper, then forward and out through the front panel of the diaper and through the front of the tape, the part that you would attach to the front panel.

On the left side I basically do the same except that I start by putting the pin through the front part of the tape, the part I would stick to my diaper.  The pin goes through the tape and diaper, then when I push the pin back through it comes out through the back of the diaper through the tape where it has been attached by the manufacturer.  Hence, the pins on the right side of my diaper have the heads facing frontwards, and on the left side they face towards the rear.  It’s just easier for me to do it that way, but you could do the left side the same as the right, facing the pins forwrds instead.

By putting the pins through the actual tapes themselves, it does two things.  Helps make sure you are pinning your diaper on in the proper way as the tapes are already there showing you where the diaper should attach, and more importantly, since disposables are made with plactic or cloth like backing but are still easy to tear, the tapes add all the strength you will need so they don’t tear loose from the pins going through your diaper.  Plus you have the added satisfaction that your diaper looks better with actual diaper pins instead of ugly duct tape!

Picture 1 shows the right side enhanced for better visibility of the tapes and diaper pins.

Picture 2 shows the right side not enhanced and natural looking.

Picture 3 is the left side enhanced for better visibility (notice the pin heads facing to the back).

Picture 4 is the left side of my diaper not enhanced.

Diaper Pins right side 2 Diaper Pins right side 3 Diaper Pins left side 2Diaper Pins left side 3

Transform underwear to diapers?

Transform underwear to diapers?
Transform underwear to diapers?

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Yes it is a diaper and a very thick and poofy one to like it should be when it comes to a relay good and nice diaper. Now you can work even more when it comes to build you muscles. You can yous the big poofy diaper when you need to visit the potty. we can only hope that the diaper is thick enough for you. We dont wont you to have a leaky diaper here on the beach. The think that should be to embarrassed for you to handle. But dont worry we can fix some new ones if you get to wet.

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Almost out of night diapers – Save Express

Yesterday i found out that i am almost out of my night diapers that i use. So today i made an order on Save Express for Forma Care X-plus that i like to use as a night diapers. And i decide that is was time to try the Delicare Slip that i have blog about before. It going to be nice to see what type of diaper that is. It was good that i made the order today so i going to have the package from Save Express on Wednesday. I only have one open package left of my night diaper. so i hope that is not going to be any delay on my order. But i think the company is going to ship out my order on Monday whit UPS so it should be nothing to worry about.

Night Proofs Incontinence Briefs

Night Proofs™ Incontinence Briefs

The text and the pitcher have i get from there website.

All night, uninterrupted sleep: It’s no longer just a dream whit Night Proofs!

It’s a problem no one likes to talk about, but over 25 million Americans suffer from urinary incontinence. For those people, the problem is embarrassing, uncomfortable and can lead to a variety of other health issues such as skin irritation. Now there’s an adult diaper that fully absorbs the liquid and pulls it away from the skin, leaving little opportunity for skin irritation, or other incontinence-related problems. And for many, a good night’s uninterrupted, leak-free sleep is the best news of all. Adult diapers have been on the market for years, but because most are sold to hospitals, where frequent changing is not an issue, they simply have not been designed to last through the night. Night Proofs™ are — and they do!.

Night Proofs Briefs offer up to 12-hour protection against leaks, odor, and skin irritation. Just think of the convenience of going to bed without having to get up during the night to change — or waking up to a soaked bed. Now, thanks to superior design and high-quality materials, you or someone you love, can get the benefits of this amazing new adult diaper. What’s more, because they are designed to last for up to 12 hours with virtually no leaks, you’ll save on product cost and laundry.

The secret behind this remarkable product is the lining. It’s made of ultra-absorbent material that can hold three times the fluid of a typical diaper without leaking. The special composition wicks away the liquid, so the surface touching the skin remains dry. The elastic leg cuffs are comfortable and this will ensure that the liquid ends up in the brief, not on your bed. The briefs feature re-fastenable tape and an exclusive wetness indicator that tells you just how wet they are without removal.

Our Leak-proof Test:
Take a Night Proofs™ Brief and pour seven full 12-oz glasses of water into it. The water will be fully absorbed and the surface of the lining will remain dry. (If you attempt this test with other adult diapers, best try it over the sink!).

Night Proofs™ Briefs are different: One of the most absorbent adult diapers in the market today.

Just one look tells you that Night Proofs Briefs are very different from store brands.

  • They’re much thicker — with a superior design that keeps working all night so you can sleep in peace.
  • There’s a polyethylene back to prevent leaks and provide 12-hour protection. Water passes through cloth diapers, but it doesn’t penetrate the poly back. It’s that simple.
  • They’re designed for home use: with refastenable tabs, leak-proof leg cuffs and a wetness indicator that caregivers really appreciate. They’re also adjustable, breathable, latex-free — as well as odor resistant, quiet and discreet.

night proofs

Thanks to high-quality materials, superior design and a focus on individual rather than institutional needs, Night Proofs™ are more absorbent than the more famous brands. They WILL protect against leaks, odor and irritation, helping to keep you and your bed dry all night.

The text and the pitcher have i get from there website.

You can order it here: http://www.firststreetonline.com/Healthy+Living/Incontinence/Night+Proof+Briefs.axd

Seams like it is an awesome and nice diaper.

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ABDLFactory – Diaper Samplepack, all types

ABDL Factory
ABDL Factory

Try all our Adult Diapers with or without Diapertape.

1 x Tena Slip Maxi (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Tena Slip Basic Super (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Molicare Super Plus (S,M,L) Plastic.
1 x Cuddlz met Print (L) Plastic.
1 x Abena Abri Form X-Plus M4/L4 (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Beesana Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Kolibri Slip Basic (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Attends Slip Super Plus No.10 (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Euron Formslip Ultra (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Barme Slip Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x ID-Slip Nacht Super (M,L) Plastic.
1 x MaiMed IncoSlip extra nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Vlesi-slip Comfort Premium Nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Easy Form Extra Inlegger, Plastic.
1 x FormaCare Slip X-plus (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Maxi Slip Inlay 15x60cm.
1 x Medium Slip-Inlay, 11x36cm.
1 x ABU Cushies (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Abena Delta-Form (M,L,XL) Plastic.
1 x Cuddlz All over Print (M,L) Plastic.
1 x Kolibri Comslip Plus (M,L) Plastic.

Total: Small & Medium 20 Diapers, Large & XL 21 Diapers.

Unfortunately (currently) no cuddlz with print size medium available.


Cotton Feel Diapers:

1 x Absorin Slip Excellent Orange (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Abena Abri Form M3/L3 (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Tena Slip Ultima (S,M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Tena Pants Maxi (M,L) Cotton Feel.
1 x Seni Super Quatro (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel.
1 x Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Premium (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel.

Children Diapers:

1 x Pampers UnderJams L/XL max. 39kg Cotton Feel
1 x HUGGIES DRY NITES, 8-15 years, 27-57kg Cotton Feel

All diapers except children diapers are available in size M or L.
If you choose size S or XL, we will ship that size whenever possible instead of size M or L.

You can bought this sample pack here.

This can be something nice to try if you dont know what sort of diaper that you like. You can find allot of nice diapers to try here for a nice and good price that ABDL Factory have. This is the biggest Diaper Samplepack i have seen.

TotalDry Plus Brief – bambinodiapers.com

It seams that bambinodiapers.com  have start to sell the TotalDry Plus Brief.

TotalDry Plus Brief
TotalDry Plus Brief.

Product information about the TotalDry Plus Brief.

The new TotalDry Plus Fitted Briefs are a moderate absorbency diaper but with high quality features usually found only on premium diapers, providing outstanding value at a cost saving price. The design incorporates a fully shaped core with wide coverage in the rear and extra padding in the sides (great for side sleepers). Super absorbent polymer in the core helps capture and contain fluid and odor, while additional inner standing leg gathers provide extra leakage protection. The extra strength nonwoven lining resists tearing, and unlike standard economy diapers, TotalDry Plus Fitted Briefs feature a printed, reinforced frontal landing zone for refastening without tearing the diaper shell, allowing readjustment for optimum comfort and containment not found on any other moderate diaper.

In sum, this is great value in a daytime diaper with more features than any other diaper in its class!.

  • Double drum form construction.
  • Full size core with wide coverage back and sides (Great for side sleepers).
  • Refastenable tape tabs permit readjustment for custom fit.
  • Reinforced frontal construction panel for extra strength.
  • Extra standing inner leg gathers for security from leakage.
  • Ultra-absorbent polymer traps fluid and odor, helping keep skin dry.
  • Wetness indicator lets you know when it’s time to change.
  • All plastic, all white shell for discreet protection.
  • Fitting instructions printed on bag.

You can shop it form this page:

Seams like it is a special diaper and the print on the front look special. Have any one try this TotalDry Plus Brief ? Should be nice if you could make a comment about what you think about this diaper. Should be nice to know how there are.

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