Exciting Product Announcement from Bambino

Seams like Bambino have made some nice change on the diaper the sell :)

Here below can you read about the new things the have made:

All of Bambinos’ proprietary diapers (Classico, Bianco, Teddy and Bellissimo) have gone through some important enhancements and are now available for sale!

1. All of our medium diapers have been increased in the width by approximately 2 inches (which is now the same as our first generation).
2. All of our diapers now come with the most aggressive adhesive tape tabs we have ever applied to our diapers.
3. We have increased the distribution of the SAP (super absorbent polymer) to help increase the core integrity when wet.
4. We have increased the gram weight of the non-woven lining for even more comfort.
5. We now have extra large Classico, Bianco and Teddy diapers IN STOCK with all the above enhancements.
6. For those customers who are still concerned as to which size diaper will fit them the best, we have added a new combo pack, which will contain 2 diapers (one medium and one large) of Classico, Bianco, or Teddy.


Seams to be very nice :)

Cushies With A Cloth-Like Cover – Pamperchu

The World’s First Printed Adult Diaper With a Cloth-Like Cover.

Lots of fiber fluff and Super Absorbent Polymer for an excellent absorbency rating

Multi-color tape panel on the front for easy changing

Stretchy leg gathers provide a comfortable and secure fit

One large 70mm hook and loop style fastening tape on each side

Soft nonwoven cloth-like cover backing over waterproof layer

Available with or without our exclusive classic BabyFresh scent

Pitcher on the new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

Here is some pitcher on the new diaper from ABUniverse that i have mention before in a early post here.

so what do you think about this new diaper?Are you going to try it to see how it is?

You can bay it on this link:

Abena Diaper Absorbtion Test

Abena Adult Diaper Comparison Test. Abri-Form is a full range of all-in-one disposable briefs for all degrees of incontinence, from light to very heavy. The products are available in various sizes and absorbency levels to meet individual needs. Abri-Form briefs are provided with refasten-able tapes for fitting and are particularly suitable for high demanding situations. The new odor system reduces smell effectively, whilst the new, multi-layer technology in the absorbing material, ensures faster liquid dispersion and improved leakage security. The Air Plus range products both perspiration and the risk of skin irritation. It allows the skin to breathe naturally as heat and humidity evaporate quickly. The white cloth like outer layer, combining strenght and security, is soft and noiseless. Key Product Features, Anatomic Fit, Top Dry for rapid absorption, high security and reduced leakage, Elastic waistband, leakage barrier, odor system to reduce unpleasant odors, breathable back-sheet for reduced skin irritation on the Air Plus Version. White Textile like surface for increased comfort and discretion on the air plus version. New generation tapes for optimum fit on-the Air Plus version. New color coding system for improved product selection and identification on the the air plus version. White back-sheet facilitates the wetness indicator reading on the Air Plus Version.

The text is coming from the description about the video on youtube.

Diaper Strap

This can be good to have some of you diaper in a nice little bundle and even some wipes to.

If you wont something like the pitcher show ? You can find the information on this website how you can make one: http://cally-cruze.blogspot.com/2009/08/diaper-strap-tutorial.html

And you can talk about it on this forum: http://www.dailydiapers.com/board/index.php?showtopic=31768