Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt

Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt
Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt.

This is my new awesome super ted tshirt. Wearing a cuddlz that my big bro JJ changed me into (Thanks JJ for always looking after me and changing my nappies).

Text and photo by Baby-Stu:

If you click on the link above you can find more nice photos that he show his diaper and his new SuperTed t-shirt. And i most say that this T-shirt is a good combination whit the diaper that he is wearing :)

Wounder where he have order this t-shirt?

Use adult diapers dumped on the road

At first it looked like an isolated incident. But when they use adult diapers repeatedly dumped on Route 8 near Alssundbroen Anades a pattern.
Now the matter is reported to the police.
– It’s only a matter of time before an accident happens, says Finnborg on Arkil Vejservice to P4 Syd.

Despite years of campaigning for clean roads in southern Jutland appreciated every motorist dump waste from their car. And during the summer, the shit has reached a whole new level. Several times a week, from 2 to 12 using adult diapers dumped on Route 8 near Alssundbroen .

– We first thought it was a truck from a nursing home that had lost its load, but we started to see where they were. It was located right on the center line facing up so you can see what is in said Finnborg to P4 Syd.
” Must Stop ”
Apart from the purely sanitary inconvenience fears he diapers will cause an accident.
– If there is a car driving between 130 and 140 km / h that react when they see something on the road. It’s only a matter of time before an accident occurs , he says to the radio.
About two weeks ago, police were notified dumps are , but without effect.
– Now get the fucking enough. It’s not pretty , and especially not such a summer we’ve had. It must end – the sooner the better, says Finnborg to P4 Syd.

This text is translated from this Swedish newspaper Expressen.

Who can come up whit the id to dump thats match adult diapers on the road?

Mrfailsalot in Bambino Teddy

Mr.failsalot shed his wuff fur for baby skin bottom…back to the basics

Video and text by: buoymarker

What should i say about this video? Wounder if buoymarker have made this strange voice by himself or if someone have help him whit this? It sounds allot like some kind of smurf voice that have bean use in this video. But i most say that he look kind of cute in this Bambino Teddy diaper and that diaper have the right thickness that a baby boy need to have so the parents dont need to worry about any diaper leak for avail and that is always something good.

Sure Comfort adult briefs review

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Review of Sure Comfort Adult diapers. These diapers are supplied by Western Family and are found at small grocers and family owned pharmacies.

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Text and video created by: diaperman89.

I have pre-ordered the new Fabine Exklusiv

Today i have pre-ordered the new Fabine Exklusiv. It going to be awesome and see how this new Fabine Exklusiv work. I have some package left of the old style but i always like to try some new diaper and i dont going to receive this diaper yet for many months so i maybe find some time to use some of the Fabine that i have right now. But the problem is that i have allot of other diaper that i need to use to. Some time i wish i was a bedwetter or something then it should not be a problem to wet all this diaper in a couple of months. I only hope this new diaper have a better fit around the legs i have some big problem when it comes to that whit some diaper today and the strange is it is most ABDL diaper i have that problem whit. Have they some smaller size when it comes to the medium diapers that normally should be the right for me? And the strange thing is that it seems that is only me that have this kind of problem. How can that be? I wish they could do the wing of the diaper a little wider or maybe they could do the entire diaper some cm bigger.

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series
Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series.

Superio is our top of the line brief providing unprecedented protection. They feature a super strong plastic back, a wider core, and a white outer shell. These briefs are so innovative that they were featured on Discovery Channel’s How stuff works and are designed to last 8-12 hours using NASA inspired multi layered InconTek® technology similar to designs used by astronauts in space for long missions. It has a unique scheduled changing system and is therefore is one of the easiest to use. This is revolutionary because changes can actually be scheduled to only once in eight hours/ three in 24 hours putting the wearer or caregiver in control with no worry of any exposure to the effects of urine. More cost effective than other briefs because of fewer changes and rarely requires expensive creams or ointments.

Wellness Briefs Superio Signature Series

It sounds from this text that wellness have made some weary big improvements on there diaper.

I have not heard so match yet about this diaper yet. But if you wont to follow what people going to think about it you can check in this topic on ADISC: .

I hope that some one is going to post a review about this new diaper there soon. it going to be nice to see what people think about the improvements that they have made.