Adult diaper – My ABDL Life

Wet soggy morning for diapergalicia


Awww it looks like this little diaper boy woke up whit one very soggy and well used diaper. Looks how wet and soggy it seems to be this morning. Good he used some plastic pants to increase the protection. Newer fun to wake up in a cold wet bed.

Some of the information from ABUTwo live tweets

Here can you see some of the news that AB Universe decided to sharing during there live tweets.






To see more information you can visit there twitter page.

How a cub try to understand how big kids go potty – DaddySnowKitty

This sure is a way for the cub to understand how big kids go potty but we all know that cubs love to go potty in there diapers :) And have a caretaker change you when you are to soggy or messy.

Soggy morning for qttyboi1



Aww it looks like this adult baby boy have wake up whit one kind of soggy diaper this morning. Good thing his Crinklz is one thick diaper that can handle allot of flooding so the bed stays all dry and comfy instead of cold and wet from a leaking diaper.

Diaper checking time – ChubblesBear

Looks like someone is still wearing a clean and dry diaper. But i am sure the diaper is not going to be that dry anymore when they get back inside :)