Adult diaper – My ABDL Life

One super soggy Crinklz



Wow this sure is one well used diaper. It is kind of amazing how it manage to Crinklz handle everything whiteout leaking. This sure is one soggy and swollen expended Crinklz diaper that he show us. It sure looks to be ready to be changed now.

ABU PreSchool Diaper Review – Mid America Little

A cute little diaper review of the ABU PreSchool Diaper created and uploaded by Mid America Little


MyDiaper YELLOW Thick yellow night diapers with print for adults.
With plastic outer layer, side leakage protection by indoor anti-leak cuffs system, 4 strong tapes and additional suction pad for fast Absorption.
Mydiaper has a very good fit because of many years of experience in medical incontinence product preparation.
Use for moderate to severe incontinence.

Absorption approximately 4000ml

Hip Size:

M = 80-120cm (32-44″ Inch)
L = 115-150cm (40-56″ Inch)

The price per bag start at €14.95 but if you order 8 or more bag the price drop to €13.95.

You can place you order here.

This is not every day you see a yellow diaper :)