Complete list of shops that sell Crinklz

This is the stores that currently have the Crinklz in stock ready for shipping.

Source for the list

Strange that it dont seems like no store in USA have the Crinklz for sell at the start.

Crinklz Diaper Review From DiaperReindeer

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You can find this Crinklz in a couple onlin ABDL shop on the Internet.

You can find information on what online store that sell this diapers on the Crinklz website.

BKN Premiums Large Version

I recently received this e-mail from BKN about my questions when it comes to when they are going to offer a Larger version of there diaper:



We will look to produce a large version in the future, but unfortunately not at the moment.
Kind regards,
Looks like we dont going to see a Larger version of there product anytime soon. :(

Snuggies Waddler Overnight

Snuggies Diapers have recently released a new product that they call Waddler Overnight that seems to be designed for for the night.

Snuggies Waddler OvernightThe Waddler Overnight is the newest product from the Snuggies line. We took everything from the Waddler that people loved and gave it more. Snuggies has introduced a market first fade when wet design with the Waddler Overnight, no other ABDL diaper on the planet has this! The Waddler Overnight packs in twice the absorption, stronger plastic, star designed wetness indicators and introduces standing blue leak guards to the Snuggies line. The Waddler Overnight is sold in bags of 10, half cases and full cases. Our products are the most authentic and comfortable adult baby diapers on the market.

The Waddler Overnight are available in Medium and Large.

Click on the link above if you wont to place a order.

I hope i am going to be able to read a review about this new Snuggies Waddler Overnight soon. Should be nice to know what people think about it.

So far they dont seems to be available in Europe yet. But i keep you updated if i find a store that are going to sell them. But so far it dont seems like it going to be any time soon.

Crinklz Website Is Now Live

Crinklz Site

I am happy to inform that the Crinklz Website now is Live. Click on the link below if you wont to visit it.

You can find allot of good information about the product and even some background information about the characters that is printed on the diaper.

This is so cool and amazing.

Save Express Have Start The Shipping On Crinklz

Today it seems that Save Express have start the shipping on the new Crinklz diaper. I have mad a order and hope that i going to get my package at the end off the week or the beginning on the next week. I going to post some photos when i have receive the package.


If you wont to place a order on this Crinklz you can find them here: