Love the Bubble Puff

Love the Bubble PuffThere is nothing a Bubble Pup loves more than his Bubble Puffs!

The cute little baby wolf babycyanwolf

Draw and text by AcidGrunt


Aww looks like this cute little baby wolf decided to play a little whit one of his favorite things. The diaper :) Looks like he try to learn how to diaper himself :)

He look to be very focus right now on his task :) I hope he manage to get the hang of it.

Smiling and Waving

Smiling and Wavingpichuboy commission of himself, waving and smiling shyly at the camera and blushing at the same time ^w^

The little chu makes himself more adorable doing that :3

Ricky by pichuboy

Draw and text by pichu90


Ricky look so happy right now and it seems like he dont mind the camera.

I really love this pose it really make him look super cute.