Objections of a Chronic Bedwetter Part 2of2

Objections of a Chronic Bedwetter Part 2of2–It was a fierce battle but, Misnala, was finally subdued after a harrowing standoff between her mother and the local police. The details of what exactly transpired that evening are too shocking to be divulged here, but I assure you it’s something the locals won’t soon forget!

In punishment for her brazen display of resistance towards being put in a diaper overnight for bed wetting–and the hefty fine billed to her parents for damages– Misnala will be getting a whole 2 months full time in diapers instead! Something I’m sure she’s regretting already as her battered mother tapes her into the first diaper of many to come over the next couple months.–


-Mother- …

-Iyuski *snickers*

-Father- Dear god…

-Police Officers- If she does IT again, you know where to find us…

Draw and everything by AcidGrunt

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22742258/

Yes this sure is going to be allot more diaper changing moment for Misnala over the coming weeks and months. Poor Misnala she sure regret the bad thing now but it is little to late for that now.

Love the Bubble Puff

Love the Bubble PuffThere is nothing a Bubble Pup loves more than his Bubble Puffs!

The cute little baby wolf babycyanwolf

Draw and text by AcidGrunt

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/22664691/

Aww looks like this cute little baby wolf decided to play a little whit one of his favorite things. The diaper :) Looks like he try to learn how to diaper himself :)

He look to be very focus right now on his task :) I hope he manage to get the hang of it.

Walking Herself to Sleep

Walking Herself to SleepWaking up in a cold sweat from the terror of a nightmare is a horrific experience. You confused and worried until you finally wake up enough to realize it was only a dream. But then, what do you do? You don’t want to fall back asleep, in fears that you’ll relapse and continue the nightmare, but what else is left to do? For Jenny, who was unlucky enough to be in this dilemma, she can be found roaming the hallway of her dorm complex. She’s been pacing up and down the hallway for the past 20 minutes now, and she’s still terrified to fall back asleep. So until she’s walked her self out of energy, she’ll be here, waddling back and forth with a plushie in her arms.

Jenny powhatan

Art by AcidGrunt

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/19289792/

Yes nightmare is the worst of things about sleeping. It can really make you upset and sometime it dont even help that you have a soft and cozy teddy bearWalking Herself to Sleep that can calm you down.

A little walk and some up time together can be a rally good thing to make you more calm again. I really hope that you are going to fell more relax and calm soon.