Ace and Kit, what NOT to do

Ace and Kit, what NOT to doAcepup and kitcoon demonstrating for the kids what NOT to do in potty training…

yeah, i think these two are far too suggestible for their own good. poor critters keep getting roped into this stuff :P

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Poor Acepup and kitcoon seems to have ended up in a bad situation here at the Sunny Hills Daycare center where there was hypnotist to show the kids what you dont should suppose to do during the potty training. But it seems like the hypnosis worked little to well on this boys.

PokéDigital Monsters

PokéDigital MonstersLooks like Fiona is trying out the latest version of her game, she always names all her minions after friends of hers and here it looks like her loyal “Acepup” is trying out a new attack!

Fiona and text: Runt


Draw by catmonkshiro


A new short of PokéDigital game?

Acepup light-up shoe-nom

Acepup light-up shoe-nomIt looks like Acepup is absolutely facinated by those light up sneakers he got… entranced even… yeah we totally turned him into a toddler pup again :P but he’s still one of my more adorable subjects ^^

Husky: Acepup

Draw and text by: catmonkshiro


Aww it really looks like he loves his light up sneakers and i hope they taste good when he now have decide to put one in his mouth.