Here comes the usual morning conversation

Here comes the usual morning conversationHere comes the usual morning conversation

“I can’t believe you’re still unable to remain dry!
Look how well your little brother’s progressing,
we’re putting him in training pants today and
we can forget diapers completely in two weeks.
But you! You’re not even trying!”

“Dad it doesn’t work like that,
I’m doing my best but it keeps happening.
Maybe this whole potty-training thing is not for me,
I mean I’m fine with wearing these by the way.“

“Nonsense! Now go to your room and get yourself changed,
and from now on your brother’s helping you as he
turned out to be more mature and responsible than you!”

“Daaad there’s no need I can do it alone.”

“Don’t make me say it again! To your room Now!”

Draw and everything by Skelbely


Awww poor thing looks like his little brother is in charge of him from this point :(

This sure going to lead to allot of blushing situation here.

Celebrating a (mostly) dry night!

Celebrating a (mostly) dry night!One of Bosky’s Twitter pal’s likes to celebrate the mornings he’s had a dry night! I wanted to draw him doin’ that!

And Bosky’s been known to have not-so-dry nights, so that’s what happened here. X3

Bosky’s border collie pal is named Austin! ( )

Draw by Bosky


Awww seems like one of them did dent woke up dry this morning and have something to celebrate :(

Maybe they should switch underwear now? It seems like the wrong furry is wearing diapers here.

Rebel in the backyard

Rebel in the backyard

Potty rebels are still around making messes wherever they wants, like this bunny, whe just wants go in the blanket of her friend. :P

Draw and everything by ConejoBlanco


Maybe that was not the best place to let go and wet you underwear. It sure seems like the other bunny dont like that at all.

Kitty´s accidents

Kitty´s accidents

Even being a big kitty doesn´t help to keep her pee in.

Order by lulshi

Draw and text by ConejoBlanco


Poor thing even big cats can have problem whit there bladder and ends up wetting them self. And it seems like the big kitty did dent wear the right diaper. She sure have cause here diaper to be leaking pretty bad now. Look on that big growing spot around here diaper butt. Poor thing she sure needs to wear some better or thicker diaper.

Sleepover: The Morning After

Sleepover: The Morning AfterHad a sleepover at one of my cousins houses when I was around 6-7 years old, ended up wetting the bed while there. My cousin (Age: 5 years old) who was still wearing training pants due to still having day time accidents saw the state of my pants and offered me one of his training pants….I later accepted his offer. >///<

Draw and everything by BabyChrisTheFox


Wetting the bed sure can be kind of blushing but ending up whit a wet bed on a sleepover is even more blushing. Poor boy looks like you should have wear some sort of protection.

Tests and Tinkles

Tests and Tinkles

A little kitty cat was working on a test while really needing to go and he decided to push through until he was done, so in the end he may have passed the test, but he might have failed potty training a bit too.

Draw and everything by Erin-Cloverfox


Aww poor cat is it someplace you really wont to avoid having a accident is it the school. He sure is making one big spot of pee on the floor now. Poor thing this sure going to be allot of blushing and embarrassing moment now for this cat when his classmate is going to notes what happen. I sure hope that his teacher are able to help him now.