Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest

Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest
Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest

Contest Begins 2/15

Entries: 2/15 – 3/15


The theme of this contest is WHAT DIAPERS MEAN TO ME! and pictures submitted should reflect your love for diapers.


The prizes for this contest include: two onesies; a pair of shortalls; a pair of dungarees; cloth diapers; disposable diapers, including Abena XPlus and Cushies; a Nuk5 pacifier; a custom-made paci clip; a $25 BabiesRUs giftcard; ABDL books and e-books; and more. You’ll be able to find pictures of each prize and more details on the contest page (http://contest.abysitter.com) beginning 2/14.


Prize categories are subject to change. They are, at this writing:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Fourth Place
  • Fifth Place
  • Most Creative
  • Most Babyish
  • Best Babygirl Pic (female and/or sissybaby)
  • Best in Show: Canada
  • Most Adorable Expression
  • Most Creative Face Obscurement
  • Random Prizes (4)
  • Last Place Prize!

That’s right… even the photo with the lowest amount of votes wins a prize this time around.


The theme of this contest is What Diapers Mean to Me. Photos should include a sign representing your love for diapers, preferably in a unique and creative way. The word “Abysitter” or “Abysitter.com” must also appear somewhere in the photo. SIgns cannot be photoshopped. Photoshop is allowed, but in limited amounts: the picture should be more picture and less artistic creation, and the signs themselves cannot be created with photoshop – they must be real.

You can read more about this photo contest on Abysitters blog: http://abysitter.blogspot.se/p/contest.html

The information is not going to be show until 2/14 so you need to wait a few days before you can find the information on the blog.

This is something that i thinking about to join.

Never Grown Up

Never Grown UpI come across this nice shop from this AB/DL blog post: http://abysitter.blogspot.se/p/contest.html

And i most say it is lots of nice Cloth diapers in this store. I found some cloth diaper that i relay like an thinking about to bought. And that price of the diapers seams to be very good. I cold not believe it when i first show it. It was very sheep price for the cute diapers that the have.

Hers is some of the cloth diaper that i have look on:

Adult Diaper - Train Engines
Adult Diaper – Train Engines

It is some super cute print on this Cloth diaper. Do you dont think that? Should fit a baby boy like me.


Adult Diaper - Construction
Adult Diaper – Construction

Here have we a new cloths diaper that i should like to wear to. It is nice whit the digging print on the diaper :)Do you dont think that :)


You can find some more cloth diaper bay clicking on this two link below:



Hope you find a cloth diaper that you like :)

And when it comes to cloth diaper it can be good to have some nice and cute Plastic pants. And here is some cute plastic pants that you may like:

Adult Diaper Cover - Blue Puppy Paws
Adult Diaper Cover – Blue Puppy Paws

I think many babyfurs out there should like to have this plastic pants over the diapers. I bet it going to look very cute.


Adult Diaper Cover - Dinosaurs
Adult Diaper Cover – Dinosaurs

Here is some cute dinosaurs print that you maybe like to bought to :)


You can find some more plastic pants on this link: http://www.etsy.com/shop/nevergrownup?section_id=6815565

Like you see this store have some relay nice and cute things. Maybe you should visit this store and see if you find something that you like :)