A couple of Soggy PeekABU diaper photos – yggiToryM

This diaper boy sure use his diaper to the maximum and it sure is pretty soggy and well used now. He sure needs to thinking about changing that diaper before it start leaking. It sure most be pretty heavy now to wear. Its kind of amazing that the tape of the diaper can handle this.

Powder everywhere! – BlankiePlush

It sure is a hard time changing a diaper special if someone decided that its time to play and doing that whit the baby powder.

He sure think its funny that his brother should have allot of powder.

It’s a Snug Life for MrRyeGuy

Yes someone sure seems to have a pretty relaxing and fun time here :)

One soggy PeekABU diaper – yggiToryM

This sure is one crazy diaper that sure can expend allot. I sure wounder how it feels to wear a diaper like that when it has reach that kind of soggy state. But i sure hope it has manage to keep this boys bed dry.

Sitting down in a full PeekABU – yggiToryM

Wow someone sure have ended up whit a pretty soggy and well used PeekABU diaper here. This diaper sure seems to expend allot when it get wet. But the thing is then do it still keeps the bed dry?

Pamp bum – ijustlikediaps


One clean and one wet version :)