Today I Receive My Order From Max Diaper

My Order From Max Diaper

Like you can see on the pitcher i receive my order from Max Diaper today.

The Package include this item’s:

10 pic of ABU Super Dry Kids

1 pic Tights with cars Size XXL

If you live outside of EU and wont to order this tights to? You can send them a mail. You find all the information you need here.

The last time i try this Super Dry Kids was back around 2008. So it going to be nice to see if it is any change on the diaper. I only hope that medium works good for be because large is not the size that i should wear it is to big for me and i hope the tights is in the right size to. I have not have the chance to try anything of this yet. But i hope that i going to try the diapers tomorrow.

One thing i miss whit this diaper package is some sort of cute pitchers on it or like some information about the diapers that you could find on the old packages. I like the information that you could find on the backside on the Tena Slip Maxi diapers i miss that allot. That give you a special and nice feeling when you watch it. Maybe some one have a pitcher of that package backside?

What type of item have you bought on Max diaper? If you have bought from this shop before.

My second order from Max diaper

Today i decide that i should make a new order from Max diaper. I have not order from that company for a long time so i decided that it should be the right time to order a package of ABU Super Dry Kids. I have not try this diaper for a long time so i hope they work different now then the last time i try this diaper.

I most say that the have fix some nice pitcher of this product how it looks like.


This view make the diaper look very nice and cozy. You st like a baby diaper should be. You can see more pitcher here.

I going to order a par of Tights with cars print to. I hope it going to be a nice and comfortably fit. If you live in US and wont to order a par of Tights with cars print to you can send them a e-mail about that. Max Diapers have let me know that the maybe can fix that for you :).

Cushies With A Cloth-Like Cover – Pamperchu

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