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A Swell Diaper Video – isidetape

Video uploaded and created by isidetape

Looks like this little diaper boy like to taking a bath whit his ABU Super Dry Kids diaper :)

ABU Super Dry Kids V2 Review

ABU has done it again! The Streak Continues! The V2 of the Super Dry Kids Diapers mirrors that of it sister product the ABU Cushies V2 Diaper. Both are amazing products and wonderful additions to the diaper bags of anyone in our amazing community.

The text and the review of the ABU Super Dry Kids is created and uploaded by Mid America Little.

Waddling around in a ABU Super Dry Kids diaper

Video uploaded by isidetape

Kind of nice view of this diaper boy when he is waddling around the house wearing only this ABU Super Dry Kids diaper.

Really a video that i recommend that you watch.

Unboxing: Wearing Clouds – isidetape

Video uploaded by isidetape

Looks like this diaper boy dont know all the diaper. The diaper that he think is a new version of Rearz Safari is instead the new version of the Crinklz diaper.

Super soggy ABU Super Dry Kids


Source: kleinemaxx.tumblr.com

This is one very soggy ABU Super Dry Kids diaper this boy have ended up whit. And it really looks like he is enjoying his soggy diaper from the look on his big pee pee.