It’s a Snug Life for MrRyeGuy

Yes someone sure seems to have a pretty relaxing and fun time here :)

One sagging ABU Super Dry Kids – diaperfox25

Wow it sure seems like sure have putting his ABU Super Dry Kids to some pretty good use here. It sure have ended up pretty soggy and is sagging allot now between his legs. It sure looks like the diaper is super close to its limits now. Maybe he should start thinking about a diaper change before it starting to leak?

ABUniverse Super Dry Kids Version 2 – Back In Diapers

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A diaper review from Back In Diapers where she review ABU Super Dry Kids Version 2.

Plenty of diapers? – MurrekiFoxfloof

Wow you sure can see plenty of diapers in this photo.

This is some of the diapers you can see in the photo:

  • ABU LittlePawz
  • ABU Space diaper
  • Crinklz
  • ABU Super Dry Kids
  • ABU Lavender

And i bet that he even have plenty more diaper bags in those big black plastic bags. He sure dont need to order any more diapers for a wile now whit this big supply that he have.

A not so dry kid!

A not so dry kid!being caught in ABU Super Dry Kids™
Silly dog! :3

The cute happy husky sam_the_blue_eyed_husky

Draw and text by Skelbely


Yes it sure seems like we have caught this cute happy husky in a wet ABU Super Dry Kids :)

But he sure can use it a couple of more times before he needs a new diaper.


Looks like this furry decided to do a cool pose or at least try to do one when he is holding a gun and wearing his ABU Super Dry Kids diaper.