ABU PreSchool – My ABDL Life

Special diaper change for this boy



Looks like this diaper boy sure get the baby powder rubbed in all over his diaper covered area before he gets his clean ABU PreSchool diaperd all taped up :)

Allot of diaper package – AB Universe

Wow this sure is allot of diaper package. Should be so awesome to waddling around and touch all of this package :)


ABU PreSchool PLASTIC4 different prints

Absorption of about 3500ML.

M = 71-91cm (28-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)
XL = 117-132cm (46-52″)

Now can you finely order the plastic version of the ABU PreSchool from ABDLFactory. The price start at €17.50 but if you order 4 bags or more the price drop to €15.50.

Diaper Test: ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition – myleniumhealthstuff

The person behind myleniumhealthstuff.info have posted a diaper test about what he think about the ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition. If you are interesting to know what he think about this diaper you should head over to this post on his site to read his review on this diaper.

Diaper Test: ABU PreSchool Plastic Edition

Public bathroom diaper change – matte20



Looks like this diaper boy needed to make a public bathroom diaper change and change his wet ABU PreSchool into a clean and dry one :)