Messy diaper butt – messycoupleonfetlife

Looks someone have ended up whit a messy diaper (ABU Lavender) butt :)

A Pretty Day at the Playground

A Pretty Day at the PlaygroundMama dressed Rex in his new skirtalls she designed herself and took him out to the playground with his padded little plushie, Todd. ^w^

Rex and everything else by ReXam-1


Wen you are going to spend some couple of hours in the playground it can be good if your plushy also is wearing some nice and comfy diaper. They maybe end up whit an accident to during your playtime outside.

ABDLFactory have start sale ABU Lavender

ABU LavenderNew thick lavender printed and scented plastic backed diaper with just one single width
tape on each side and high absorption of about 4500ml.

M = 78-91cm (31-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)
XL = 117-132cm (46-52″)

The price start at €28.00 and if you order 4 bags or more the price decrease to €26.50

Your can order the product here:


Introducing ABU Lavender

The NEW ABU Lavender™ (2 tab diaper) is designed to feel creative and feminine. The ABU design team is proud to announce this modern design and believes this to be the best adult feminine designed diapers on the market to date! With many revisions and much consideration, we hope all the little girls in our community enjoy ABU Lavender


The Features

  • Feminine Design
  • Single Tape (2 tab diaper)
  • Tall Leakguards
  • QuickAbsorb Core
  • Back Waistband
  • Plastic Landing Panel – Easy Adjustments
  • Fade When Wet Butterflies & Swirls
  • 4500ML Absorbancy (Same as SDK v2 & Cushie v2)

Sizes To Be Available

  • MEDIUM –  28″-36″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)
  • LARGE – 36″-46″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)
  • EXTRA LARGE – 46″-52″ – (waist/hip measure whichever is larger)

This information is copy from the AB Universe news blog.

They have not mention any release date yet on this product when its going to be available in their online shop. So if you wont to place an order on this product it can be good to check out there website from time to time for update on this product when its going to be available for order and shipping.