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One soggy BareBum diaper – fogopuronyc



Wow this diaper boy sure have ended up whit one supper soggy BareBum diaper. This diaper boy sure have put his diaper to some very good use :) But he should really start thinking about a diaper change before the diaper start leaking if it not already have that.

ABU BareBum Print Diapers

ABU BareBum Print Diapers

New BareBum made by ABU with PLASTIC backing.
A thick diaper with all over print and 4 strong tapes to keep the diaper in place.

Absorption of about 3500ML.

M = 71-91cm (28-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)

The price start at €20.50 and if you order 4 or more bags the price drop to €17.50
You can place you order at ABDLFactory.