Absorin Comfort Pants Super

absorin-comfort-pants-super-abdlfactory-1000x1000Disposable Incontinence Pants made of soft, breathable, elastic material, which perfectly match the body and feels good on the skin. With “cotton feel” outer layer, discreet to wear, because it almost does not rustle or creak. The High leg cut gives great freedom of movement, anti-lek cuffs around the legs prevent leakage of urine and feces and lycra leg elastics are flexible, which makes it good to close the leg. The elastic upper and tearing seams assist easy putting on and off. The non-woven layer on the inside provides a dry and soft feel and the core fluff with absorbent material provides a good moisture absorption. Super Absorbent Powder (SAP) converts urine into gel, so that leakage is excluded and neutralizes odors. Absorin ComfortSuper pants are latex-free and is recomended to use for both men and women with heavy incontinence

The product can be order from abdlfactory.com