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Adult Baby Diaper Change

Time for a diaper change! Everyone has been asking me to do a diaper change video so here it is!!! I hope you enjoy it!

Text and video by: Blond Boy

On thing i think is bad in this video is that they dont show the diaper change only the things before and after the change. It should be nice to see how this daddy changing his baby boys wet diaper.

Today i receive my big order

Today i receive my big order from SaveExpress that i write about early this week.  Today UPS delivered my big order in two unmarked packets and this is how it look like.


In this two packets i have follow diaper packets:

3 package of Abri from X-plus plastic version.

3 package of Tena Slip Maxi plastic version .

2 package of Abri Let Maxi.

1 package of Seni booster.

This is some nice order and i hope i going to have enough diapers now for this part of the year. I still have allot of unopened package in the repository or what i should call it. Some time it feels nice to restock so i am sure that i not run out of diapers if i get a job lather this year. Kind of hard to order from SaveExpress when you dont can be home for the delivery. So i always make sure to place my order when i am home.