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Sometime you you st need to go potty



Yes sometimes you really need to go potty pretty bad and then it is good that you wear your diaper so you can go potty on the spot and get rid of the nasty tummy ache quickly. And bay the way this Abri Form X-Plus is ready to be change anyway so way dont add a stinky messy load to the mix to :)

Close up diaper messing – onlydiapervideos



Aww it looks like this diaper girl decided to messy here Abri Form X-Plus diaper :) Good thing it was there to handle the messy load :)

The best way to game on PC


Yes wearing some thick and cozy diapers (Abri Form X-Plus) when you decide to play some video games on the computer or maybe do some other stuff on the computer is a very good combination. Everone hate

Soggy Abri Form X-Plus – tinitn3


Source: tinitn3.tumblr.com

Wow this is one well used and soggy Abri Form X-Plus. Looks like this diaper is close to it breaking point now. But it is kind of nice to be wearing this kind of soggy diaper to :)

Unboxing: Wearing Clouds – isidetape

Video uploaded by isidetape

Looks like this diaper boy dont know all the diaper. The diaper that he think is a new version of Rearz Safari is instead the new version of the Crinklz diaper.