One super soggy Abri Form X-Plus – bryanwearsdiapers

Wow it sure seems like someone have woke up whit a pretty soggy diaper this morning. And it sure seems like it was a good move for him to wear this plastic pants. Otherwise i think he had end up whit a wet bed from a leaking diaper.

Soggy Abri Form X-Plus – Baby Hen

Looks like its maybe time for this diaper boys daddy to start thinking about chaining his sons diaper before it start leaking. Looks like its starting to get pretty wet and well used.

Decide for double diaper – lilstevieboy

It sure seems like someone decided to wear one very thick diaper during his time outside. This double diaper sure going to make him waddle about now when he wear one Abri Form X-Plus and a ABU BareBum diaper. Wounder if someone is going to notes his thick butt or his waddling?

Bondage Predicament – bubbyslittlediaperbro

Poor boy all bondage up in bed and it sure seems like someone wont him to be bondage for a very long time special if you notes how thick that diaper is that he is wearing. That diaper sure is going to manage to keep the bed dry for allot of hours and wetting.

Who is ready for his diaper change? – Anmerkungen

I bet this adult baby boy is ready for a new clean diaper. And it seems like he is in need of a new diaper to. Now when his mommy is checking his diaper to see if she needs to change it. Good thing he is having such a good mother that’s know how to handle and care for here baby boy :)

Nothing bad happens when you use a good diaper-littlediaperboy24

Nothing bad can happen when you wearing a thick and good diaper like Abri Form X-Plus.