Soggy Abri Form X-Plus – ridiculousdiapers

It sure seems like this diaper boy really know how to putting his Abri form X-Plus diaper to some really good use. The diaper looks to be pretty soggy and heavy right now.

Sudden bowel movement – nappyjake

Awww poor nappyjake looks like his diaper ended up handling a sudden bowel movement. Good thing it was there when it happen :)

Diaper bondage boy

Poor boy looks like he have been force to wetting his Abri Form X-Plus diaper a couple of times. It sure looks to be pretty wet right now.

Sometime you you st need to go potty

Yes sometimes you really need to go potty pretty bad and then it is good that you wear your diaper so you can go potty on the spot and get rid of the nasty tummy ache quickly. And bay the way this Abri Form X-Plus is ready to be change anyway so way dont add a stinky messy load to the mix to :)

Close up diaper messing – onlydiapervideos

Aww it looks like this diaper girl decided to messy here Abri Form X-Plus diaper :) Good thing it was there to handle the messy load :)