One big soggy diaper butt – puppy_reese

One soggy diaper butt we have here it sure seems to be pretty soggy and well used to :) Its a wounder that the diaper have not start leaking yet but it sure most be kind of nice to be wearing to feel all that squishy between the legs.

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Diaper wetting girl – fluffy-omorashi

Looks like this girl sure have some relaxing time whit here diaper. The diaper on the other hand dont have time to relax ;)

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Messy diaper butts – babiesandtigers

Giggle all this diaper boys sure seems to be pretty busy making a big mess in there diapers at the same time :) in a wile it sure going to be pretty stinky whit all this messy diaper butts :)

It sure is a good thing that they are wearing some good diapers that can handle it.

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A little wet – ShamanInfinitus

I think we can sure say that this diaper is more then a little wet ;) The diaper seems to be pretty soaked and well used :)

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Soggy Abri Form X-Plus – Baby Hen

Looks like its maybe time for this diaper boys daddy to start thinking about chaining his sons diaper before it start leaking. Looks like its starting to get pretty wet and well used.

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Wet diaper in the morning – nick-romeo99

Yes it sure seems like this diaper boy have ended up whit one soggy diaper in the morning. Good thing that his Abri From X-Plus diaper not decided to start leaking. Waking up whit a soggy wet diaper is one thing. But waking up in a soggy wet bed is another not so nice thing to do. Good thing he decided to wear some good diapers to keep his bed all dry and soft.

Waking up whit a soggy wet diaper in the morning sure can feel kind of nice :)

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