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Fabine Exclusive Gold


Improved Fabine Exclusive Gold (Fabine Exklusiv Gold) with new Perl absorber absorbs even faster than the conventional SAP and converts liquid faster to gel. So Fabine is even drier and swells a little more when wet. In addition, Fabine Gold got an even softer inner layer, which makes it even more pleasant wearing, even at the longer wear contiguous.

The Fabine Gold is after many requests available in the proven Teddy Design, is a very solid thick diaper with high leakage barriers great fit and extremely high absortion.

(According to field test the entire area about 4000ml, while wearing 2500ml – 2700ml)


* Extra strong absorbent absorption material

* With new black plastic outer layer

Content: 8 diapers per pack

Size M = 80-110 cm

Size L = 110-140 cm

The price start from 15.10 and if you order €4 bags or more the price is €13.60. But if you decided that you need to have a bigger supply of this product the price for 8 bags or more is €11.80

I wish you a happy diaper time.


DryLife Slip Super

DryLife Slip SuperThe Drylife Slip Super is a highly absorbent all-in-one slip. With a soft, full plastic backsheet, as well as a fast acting absorbent core the user feels more comfortable and secure with high leakage security. The all-in-ones also feature strong refastenable tapes to help ensure the product stays securely in place, Odour Control to stop the formation of unpleasant smells, and have been dermatologically tested and proven to not irritate the skin. Drylife Slip Super is the perfect, cost effective solution in managing heavy to severe incontinence.

Max. absorption of about 3600ml


M = 80 – 125 cm (30 – 45″ inch)

L = 115 – 155 cm (40 – 55″ inch)


This really looks like a super thick diaper to wear :)

They can be order here: http://abdlfactory.com/drylife-slip-super

The price start at 15 euro and if you order 3 or more package every bag cost 14 euro.

ABDLFactory have start sale Pink Dotty the Pony Diapers

Pink Dotty the Pony DiapersPink printed plastic backed diaper is made up of 5 Layers, with an absorption rating of 135 oz/3,000 ml, ( large diapers will absorb more.)

Each Diaper has an elasticated waistband, elastic leg cuffs to prevent leaks, a blue moisture core to store accidents and resealable extra wide tabs.

Medium, 71 – 91.5cm  (28″ – 36″)

Large, 91.5 – 122cm  (36″ – 48″)

The diaper can be order from http://abdlfactory.com/pink-dotty-diapers

The price for one package is €19.50


ABDLFactory have start sale ABU Simple White

ABDLFactory have start sale ABU Simple WhiteABU Simple is the same diaper like the ABU Space and Little Paws diapers, just without any print.
A thick white plastic backed diaper, double adhesive tapes and absorption of about 5000ml.

M = 71-91cm (28-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)
XL = 117-142cm (46-56″)

The price on this diaper start at 26.50 and if you bought 4 or more bags the price decrease to €26.50

You find the product here http://abdlfactory.com/abu-simple-white-diapers


ABDLFactory have start sale ABU Lavender

ABU LavenderNew thick lavender printed and scented plastic backed diaper with just one single width
tape on each side and high absorption of about 4500ml.

M = 78-91cm (31-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)
XL = 117-132cm (46-52″)

The price start at €28.00 and if you order 4 bags or more the price decrease to €26.50

Your can order the product here: http://abdlfactory.com/abu-lavender-printed-nappies


Tena Slip Active-Fit Plus

Tena Slip Active-Fit PlusTena Slip Active-Fit Plus now also available covered completely with plastic wrap.

A universal slip nappy with a waterproof safety barrier with anatomically shaped elastic cuffs for maximum safety and maximum comfort. The comfort tapes can open the diaper and closed repeatedly. The color of the new humidity indicator changes from yellow to blue when it’s ready for a change.

Color-coded: grey

Absorption: 8 of 8 drops, about up to 3980ml

Size chart hip size:

M = 73 to 122cm (28-48″), 2102ml

L = 92-152cm (36.2-59.9″), 2410ml

You can order the Tena Slip Active-Fit Plus from ABDLFactory today :)