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Some nice photo set of the Snuggies Waddler


A weary nice photo set of the Snuggies Waddler from Snuggies Diapers. Now you are able to see the diaper in all kind of cute views.

You can order the diaper on Snuggies Diapers or ABDLfactory.

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ABDLfactory ABDL Modeshow 2014 (Dutch)

Cute ABDL Girls showing products for sale in our webshop


This should be something fun and nice to watch live and bad that is not any boys in this Modeshow that show off there cute diaper butts.

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Absorption Test Winner – ComfiCare M10 / L10, Super Absorbend Extra Thick

Maximum Absorption for ComfiCare M10 / L10, Super Absorbend Extra Thick, Plastic Backed

This video is created by: ABDL Factory

Information about ComfiCare

The ComfiCare Slip is suitable for heavy to very heavy forms of incontinence and night care.
Because ComfiCare Briefs are designed to prevent leakage, it is not very discreet. Please keep this in mind when discretion is important to you. ComfiCare diapers fall through the cutout a bit smaller, so please measure and compare the sizes in the chart.

Main features:

  •     discrete, white PE outer
  •     resealable adhesive strips
  •     tape area on the front for easy opening and reclosing
  •     discrete blue imprint on the tape zone
  •     ComfiStretch elastic waistband at the front and rear
  •     discrete yellow natheidsindicator
  •     elastics in high standing puncture edges
  •     protection against odors
  •     latex free

Winner in our Max. absorption test videos: 4619ml

Medium: 70-100 cm (27.6-39.4 inch), 12 diapers, 4619ml
Large: 100-150 cm (39.4-59.1 inch, 10 diapers, 5111ml

If you wont to order this diaper on ABDL Factory you can find it here. And i can agree this is a weary good diaper that handle allot of pee.


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Diaper Mega Samplepack, all types (benefit package) ABDLFactory

Try all ABDLFactory Adult Diapers with or without Diapertape

1 x Tena Slip Maxi (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Tena Slip Basic Super (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Molicare Super Plus (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Abena Abri Form X-Plus M4/L4 (M,L) Plastic
1 x Beesana Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x Kolibri Slip Basic (M,L) Plastic
1 x Attends Slip Super Plus No.10 (M,L) Plastic
1 x Euron Formslip Ultra (M,L) Plastic
1 x Barme Slip Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x MaiMed IncoSlip extra nacht (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x FormaCare Slip X-plus (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Kolibri Comslip Plus (M,L) Plastic
1 x Inda Slip Maxi (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Fabine Exclusive WHITE (L) Plastic
1 x ID Slip Expert Super (M,L) Plastic
1 x ComfiCare Slip (M,L) Plastic
1 x Delicare Slip Super Plus (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Tena Slips Plus (S,M,L) Plastic
1 x Attends Waistband Style Slips (M,L) Plastic
1 x Absorbency Plus Level 3 (M,L,XL) Plastic

Total: S and M 19 Diapers, L and XL 20 Diapers


6 x Printed Diapers:

1 x Cuddlz with Print (M,L) Plastic
1 x Cuddlz All over Print (M,L,XL) Plastic
1 x Aww So Cute (M,XL) Plastic
1 x MyDiaper All Over Printed Diapers (M,L) Plastic
1 x Super Dry Kids, Pampers Baby Dry replicas (M,L) Plastic
1 x Fabine Exclusive NEW PRINT (M,L) Plastic

8 x Cotton Feel Diapers:

1 x Absorin Slip Excellent Orange (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Abena Abri Form M3/L3 (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Tena Slip Ultima (S,M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Tena Pants Maxi (M,L) Cotton Feel
1 x Seni Super Quatro (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Abena Abri-Form X-Plus Premium (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Lille Supreme Pants (M,L,XL) Cotton Feel
1 x Beesana Comfort Slip Air (M,L) Cotton Feel

5 x Inlay Pads for extra absorption in Slip Diaper:

1 x Maxi Slip Inlay 15x60cm
1 x Beesana Maxi Inlay 16x58cm
1 x Medium Slip-Inlay, 11x36cm
1 x Lille Maxi Inlay 16x60cm
1 x Seni V Maxi Inlay 65cm

2 x Plastic Backed Diaperinserts:

1 x Beesana Exclusive Maxi Diaperinsert, Plastic
1 x Easy Form Extra Diaperinsert, Plastic

2 x Children Diapers:

1 x Pampers UnderJams L/XL max. 39kg Cotton Feel
1 x HUGGIES DRY NITES, 8-15 years, 27-57kg Cotton Feel

All diapers except children diapers are available in size M or L.
If you choose size S or XL, we will ship that size where possible instead of size M or L.

Only this months you get 30% off the price.

You can order the Diaper Mega Samplepack here.

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Yesterday i place my first order on ABDLFactory

Yesterday i decide that i should place my first order on ABDLFactory. I have looking into this abdl shop allot of time but i have not order something but yesterday i found something that i decide that i would like to try. I have found out that Large diaper gives a more comfortable fit around the body then medium do so i decide that it should be nice to give the Large Fabine Exclusive a new chance. So it should be nice to see if i can get a nice and comfortable fit finely whit that diaper.

I order the Fabine Exclusive whit some cute AB tape so it should be something nice to try out to.

Fabine-exclusive-pre-taped-mixed-228x228The tape i decided for was the 75mm Baby Tape.

You can find the product here if you wont to place an order to.

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Pre-order the new printed Fabine Exclusive on ABDLFactory

Now can you pre-order the new Fabine Exclusive on abdlfactory


The Fabine exclusive has the following characteristics:
* Highly absorbent (According practice test on the entire area about 4000ml, while wearing 2500ml – 2700ml)
* Extra high absorbtion
* Beautiful colorful baby print on plastic outer layer
A very solid thick diaper with high leakage barriers, great fit and extremely high absorbtion.
Size M = 80 – 110 cm
Size L = 110-140 cm
Contents: 8 diapers per pack

 The delivery on the new printed Fabine exclusive is going to start 23-4-2014

I think it can be good to pre-order the diaper because i think allot of people wont to try it out.

 You can make you pre-order here.

It going to be nice to see what sort of improvements they have made on the diaper.
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