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ABU PreSchool PLASTIC4 different prints

Absorption of about 3500ML.

M = 71-91cm (28-36″)
L = 91-117cm (36-46″)
XL = 117-132cm (46-52″)

Now can you finely order the plastic version of the ABU PreSchool from ABDLFactory. The price start at €17.50 but if you order 4 bags or more the price drop to €15.50.

ABDLfactory and ID-Slip

ABDLfactory have extended there ID-Slip product and start to sell more diaper product from this company. Now you can find following product in there store. All this new diapers are COTTON-FEEL :(

ID-Slip Maxi

ID-Slip Super

ID-Slip Extra-Plus

ID-Slip Extra

ID-Slip Plus

ID-Expert Rectangular Boosters


Tykables PLeather

Tykables PLeather

PLeather is a leather inspired adult diaper from Tykables, a triumphant display of innovation and imagination.
The PLeather is a thick diaper that is both comfortable and functional to wear throughout the day or for overnight use.

With a supple and dark black leather print and yellow stripe pops with striking intensity to complete the realistic textural.
Clear tapes will keep the the leather look integrity without sacrificing the secure fit.
Just as with other Typables products, PLeather feature high absorption capacity and same simple sizing.

Time to get tough with PLeather.

Size 1 (Medium) = 71-91.5cm (28-36″ inch)
Size 2 (Large) = 86-122cm (34-48″ inch)

The price for this product is €20.95 4 or more : €18.50 8 or more : €15.75.
Click here if you wont to place an order.

Super Boompa, Super Hero Print

Super Boompa, Super Hero PrintSuper absorbent 5 layer plastic backed diapers with an absorption of 5000 ml (size L will absorb even more)

Featuring elastic leg cuffs and elasticated waistband to prevent leaks and 4 strong resealable extra wide tabs to keep the diaper in place.

Original blue super hero themed print brought to you by The Dotty Diaper Company.

M = 71–91.5 cm (28–36″ inch)

L = 91.5–122 cm (36–48″ inch)

The price on the diaper start at €16.95 but if you order 4 or more bag the price drop to €15.50.

You can find the product here and also some more photos.

Rearz Lil Squirts

Rearz Lil SquirtsLimited edition test run of printed vintage style single jumbo tape briefs by Rearz.

The single tape on either side makes changing nappies easyer and has comfortable fit.

Rearz Lil Squirts feature the same strong PVC film and soft inner as other Rearz diapers.

Absorbency about 3900ml

M =  81-111cm (32-44inch)

L = 100-150cm (40-55inch)

The price start at €20.25 but if you order 6 bags or more the price drop to €18.95

You find the product here.