ABDLcast Episode 11

Today ABDLcast released a new episode 11 and this time the main topic is: Simple Tips For When You Can’t Get ABDL Diapers.

This is a little info about what you are going to here:

00:00 – Intro and Updates
10:20 – Listener Feedback
30:10 – Discussion:
45:20 – Story Time
47:25 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:15 – News and Views

You can listening on the episode on https://abdlcast.wordpress.com

Can be a good thing to listening on before you fall asleep in your bed together whit your favorit plush, pacifier and a thick cozy night time diaper :)

ABDLcast episode 10

ABDLcast episode 10

Telling My Wife That I Am An Adult Baby Or Diaper Lover

00:00 – Welcome/Updates
14:30 – Listener Feedback
32:07 – Discussion: Telling My Wife That I Am An ABDL
47:30 – Story Time
49:30 – Toddy’s Diaper Time
54:55 – News and Views
58:30 – Toddy and Sammy Wrap Up

Finely ABDLcast have released a new episode and you can find it on there website and you find a link to it below this text.


My ABDL Life wish you a great them during your time listening to this episode.

ABDLcast Episode Number 10

ABDLCastA couple of days ago ABDLcast released a new podcast episode. This episode is about that ABDL’s Prefer Premium Printed Diapers.

You find out more about this episode and other episode about the ABDLcast on there web page.