Soggy Northshore diaper – diaperfox25

The diaper sure look good on this diaper wearier :) And it seems like he have been a good boy to :)

I think my diaper is a little soggy – OliverWolf_AD

Yes the PeekABU diaper sure seems to be a little used but i bet it can handle allot more before you need to think about to change it. It sure seems like you are well protected and wear one awesome good diaper ;)

I find they fit me so well – paddedhuskin

Yes the Rearz Safari sure looks to fit pretty nice on you :)


A couple of Soggy PeekABU diaper photos – yggiToryM

This diaper boy sure use his diaper to the maximum and it sure is pretty soggy and well used now. He sure needs to thinking about changing that diaper before it start leaking. It sure most be pretty heavy now to wear. Its kind of amazing that the tape of the diaper can handle this.

Yizzeo Trapped as a babbeh

Yizzeo Trapped as a babbehsomeone’s in for a VERY long night…

The Hyena belongs to Yizzeo

Draw and text by catmonkshiro


Yes someone sure is going to have one long night and that diaper he is wearing sure is going to be pretty well used. I even think that the buttons on this footed pajamas is going to brake from that super soggy wet and messy diaper. That i sure it going to be in a couple of hours when the medicine have done it work.

I bet he sure is going to be even more blushing when that happens.

ABDL Open House – September 1st! – Rearz Inc

ABDL Open House - September 1st! - Rearz Inc

Come on out and meet some friends!
RSVP is not Required for the event – Text: 260-209-0169  to RSVP
Sign-up for the giveaways can also be done in person at the store
Giveaways will be every 15 minutes!
A Bathroom will be available for changing

Personal Care Medical Supplies Address

Sounds like this can be a awesome day.