In the morning, baby is soaked – hanjuejingle

Looks like someone have ended up whit a pretty soaked and sagging Tykables Overnights here. Good thing it was able to handle everything this boy trow at it :)

One super soggy Abri Form X-Plus – bryanwearsdiapers

Wow it sure seems like someone have woke up whit a pretty soggy diaper this morning. And it sure seems like it was a good move for him to wear this plastic pants. Otherwise i think he had end up whit a wet bed from a leaking diaper.

A couple of soggy diaper photos – dl-thommy

Yes it sure seems like someone woke up whit a soggy wet diaper this morning.

It sure looks like it was a good move wearing the diaper.

Little stinker – diaperdayshaze

Yes it sure seems like someone seems to have a pretty well used diaper here. All messy and wet diaper squishing play here :)

It sure most feel nice and awesome :)

Regressive Pie?

Regressive Pie?

Wait? Now you’re telling me I can’t even eat pie without worrying I’ll be regressed by it? So unfair. >////< Definitely glad I didn’t as much pie as Cez though. >///>

was good pie though

Furrys in this drawing belongs to BabyChrisTheFox and weaselhero53

Shadow by Lexxibun

Draw by catmonkshiro


Giggle that weasel sure seems to be in hurry off using that diaper ;) Good thing his thick diaper seems to be able to handle his big messy load that the weasel release into it :)

He sure seems to enjoy using his diaper to :)

But the poor fox dont seems to like the situation as match like the thumb sucking weasel.

at least someone having a nice regressing time :)

How to get a poof up and good diaper – yggiToryM

What a nice thing of this boy to share how he get his diaper to poof up and handle allot of wetting whiteout leaking :)