Order for the first time from abstories.net

Today i order for the first time from abstories.net and i recently receive my pdf book in the mail and the DVD i order is going to be send to me soon.

This was the thing  i decided to ordered from abstories.net

  • Flying with Baby
  • Shopping Trip
  • Shaved for Babyhood
  • Kidnappied
  • Turned Into A Baby DVD

Is going to be nice to read the stores and see how they are. But i hope they are good and the price what not that bad for this pdf files it was kind of cheap.

I hope that i dont need to wait to many days or week before i receive my DVD.

Nursery Rhymes Collection – Video

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This collection of famous rhymes is a must watch. Keeps your children entertained for long and educates them too!

Text above is from the description of the video.

The video is post by: CHILDRENRHYMES

This is some where cute songs and some good animation in this Nursery Rhymes Collection. I hope you like to watch and maybe sing alone in this cute songs like allot of toddlers like to do :)

Christmas is over for this time

Soon is Christmas over for this year and i hope that you had a wonderful Christmas time this year whit some nice gifts and some nice food and friends to. Perhaps you have been fortunate so that you could spend Christmas Eve in the diaper as you did when you were little. It would be something very special that I think many adult babys dream about to do. I have not had this luck this year but maybe the luck is going to be on my side some Christmas. I hope you get the gift that you have wish for this year i get the thing that i had wish for.

But one thing for sore i can spend the New Year’s Eve in diaper that is always something.

I hope you had a wonderful and dont be sad now is it only 362 days left to the next Christmas.

Christmas in the post-War United States
Christmas in the post-War United States (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




Hangovers turn cute cubs into little demons.

Cub: muira_wolf_pup

Draw by: kurowolfboy

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12156669/.

Something in this picture dont seems to be right? A boy in his age should not smoke or drink it is not good for him to do that. I only ope his parents found out about this thing. Wounder what his parents is going to do whit him? Maybe they are going to spank him or something for this. If they decide to do that i think he have deserve it a baby should not use this sort of thing it is weary dangerous for him and he need to learn that he dont should take things that belongs to his mom and dad.

Cuddlz have release a new website

I only wont to inform my readers that if you did dent know this already Cuddlz have release a new design on there website that i think you should look into it look weary nice and attractive. so i strongly recommend you to visit there new shop so you can have a look on it.

Click on the image below if you wont to visit there site

They have recently release something they call Waddle Onesies. That have zip at the back and with padding round the lower part to provide a fuller feeling between the legs. Maybe that can be something for you?

Or maybe you find something else that you like. Way not try the All over printed diaper that you see on the image above?

Price per diaper and size info

I found this interesting images on Tumblr that winnietheeeyore have posted and i thought it was something nice and good info that i decide that i should post this on my blog so more diaper people can see this info that he have created.

tumblr_mwapgfmnb01s2txmco1_500 tumblr_mwapgfmnb01s2txmco2_500You find his Tumblr post here.