Cloth Diaper Pull-on “Monkey”

Cloth Diaper Pull-on "Monkey"

Pull-on  Cloth diaper very absorbent with beautiful patterns very childish very soft flannel Babykins brand, manufactured in Canada.

This beatiful diaper shoves  as a panty.

100% cotton outer layer with a reinforcement in the center of polyester / cotton. Perfect for an active person and very comfortable, this diaper is very absorbent and compresses well under clothing

Size S: 62-71 cm

Size M: 71-80 cm

Size L: 80-89 cm

Size XL: 89-98 cm

This seams to be a very cute diaper  whit very cute baby print that it should be on a ABDL cloth diaper. do you not agree on that? And this cloth diaper have a very special prints on :) That i think many AB boys is going to leak to wear :)

My new onesize whit Blue Baby Trains has arrive from Cosy n Dry

Pitchers on my new onesize that i have order from Cosy n Dry.

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 1 front

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 2 Back

The problem i have is it is little to small over my tommy. But i dont know gave me a good felling to and i dont know relay right now how is it to sleep whit. I know more then if it maybe is a good one any way. But it have the best fit around my neck on the onesize that i have. and the same is for crotch more closer fit on that part. And that can be bad or good when it come to the thick night diaper.

The good part is that you are going to see on the onesize that i have a thick diaper on.

The bad thing is that stainless steel snap fastening maybe dont going to work so good over the thick diaper.

If you wont some of you own you can find it here: And you can choice from more print that the print that i pick for me. Hope you find a print that you like.

The cotton that the use for the onesies is kind of soft but i think that the thing that ABDL PATAPOOM Clothes have is more closer to some relay nice baby cloths. That is kind of soft and special

So what do you think is this a good size for me or not? I can send it back but i dont wont to do that. It cost some money and take some time. fells more easy to order a new one instead. What should you do if you was me?

This site seams to have allot of cute and all kind of different plastic pants. Even some locking plastic pants and if you are looking for some nice cloth diaper you can find some on this site to. But not wit some baby prints on :(

Adult Locking Plastic Pants

These locking pants are used on persons who remove their diapers.
They help the caregiver to keep the patient’s diapers on.

This is some cute locking pants. I hope if i found a caregiver some time that are going to use something like this over my diaper so i dont can take if of.

You can find some more pitchers on locking  pants if you click on this link:

Pull-on plastic pants

Sleepy BearsHoney BearsYou found lots of more print and product on this link:






Hope you find something that you like. This online store seams to have lots of nice and good stuff.

Regressed Arousal –

You would like to rid yourself of adult problems, difficulties and shed the adult baggage. Probably the most difficult adult baggage you would like to shed is getting aroused when you wear a diaper. It’s so distracting when you are trying hard to only have baby thoughts and get rid of all those adult stresses. In this session your therapist will work with you implanting suggestions that anytime you are wearing your diaper and rubber pants and feel any arousal, your mind will fill with baby thoughts that will become stronger and stronger making you feel younger and younger. The more arousing things you see or think, the younger you will feel and the more baby your experience will be, until you are too innocent to notice any kind of arousal.

When this session is accompanied by the obedience session a parent/baby relationship will be enhanced in that the parent, by denying the baby permission to remove their diaper, can deny the baby any kind of adult sexual experience.

You can bought this hypnosis file on this page:

My order from Never Grown Up

Now i have place my first order on Never Grown Up. Should be nice to see how the cloth diaper is going to be. I hope it going to be all nice and comfortable to use.

Here is the order i mad:

Adult Diaper – Train Engines – Size 40 to 48 inches
Shop: nevergrownup
Price: $17.00 USD
Adult Diaper – Cars – Size 40 to 48 inches – Snap closure
Shop: nevergrownup
Price: $25.00 USD
Wetbag – Light Blue
Shop: nevergrownup
Price: $12.00 USD
3 Long Diaper Boosters
Shop: nevergrownup
Price: $7.00 USD