Order from Baby Per Sempre 29/8 – 2012

I have made a new order from Baby Per Sempre. And this time the Adult diaper cover is going to be whit this cute baby prints :)

Baby blue sports

Red paws

Baby space

So what do you think about this print? I hope it going to be very nice diaper cover this time to. And i hope that new size that i and the store owner agree on. Hope it is going to be very nice fit around the waist this time :)

The owner of the store is a very nice and friendly person and he loves to help whit the order. So if you need some help to decide he can help you whit that :)

Here is the fabric that he have:

Hope you find something that you like.

And like the owner say: Stay diapered

Bought some new pacifiers 26/8-2012

I have bought 2 new pacifier today. And i hope it going to fit good in my mouth.

I have order one of this :)
And one of this whit truck prints on :)

I hope i going to have it here tomorrow but i think i need to wait to Tuesday before i have it in my hand :) But i can always wish that i going to have it here tomorrow.


Order from Baby Per Sempre 19/8 – 2012

Now have i order my first SnuggleBums from Baby Per Sempre

And i choice this print on my first SnuggleBums.

Baby space

Custom SnuggleBums – One size XL Snugglebums Adult diaper cover made with “Baby Space” fabric using RED trim for waist and legs.

Add-On = Faux Fly – Faux Fly using same red trim as waist/legs

Should be so nice when i get it. Hope it is going to be very nice thing to wear over my diaper or maybe use it like an underwear. That should be relay nice to. But i think i need to wait to the next week before i get it :(.

Baby Per Sempre

Information about the company Baby Per Sempre

Baby Per Sempre

I found a link to this shop when i surf around on Facbook and i most say the have some nice and cute diaper cover that i am thinking about to bay. And i most say that i dont think i have newer see soothing like this before. This is something that every adult baby should have.

SnuggleBums – Knits

You’ve heard of and probably own a wonderful pair of Snugglebums Fleece Diaper Covers, but now we also have available our newest fantastic adult baby product. Snugglebums Knit adult diaper covers!!! Designed much like their fleece counterparts, knit Snugglebums are super soft, lightweight, thin, and totally adorable. Their lightweight material makes them the perfect cover for under ‘day’ clothing and during those super hot summer months. By allowing good air-circulation, they reduce the build-up of heat that can lead to bacterial growth and diaper rash. Unlike their natural counterparts, fleece diaper covers are the most trim cloth diaper cover available making them the perfect cover for adult babies seeking super soft, adorable diapers yet without the extra bulk. The SnuggleBums KNIT Diaper Cover is a great option for day-time use and when the Summer heat makes other covers too hot for comfort. The text source:

Adult diaper cover I most say that this look allot like kids underwear. And what i know that is some people looking for something like that. And i hope it is going to be release whit more prints to :)

SnuggleBums – Original

Fleece Diaper Covers are the softest fabric imaginable to cover your big baby’s cloth or disposable diapers. Fleece cloth diaper covers allow for air-circulation, therefore reducing the build-up of heat that can lead to bacterial growth and diaper rash.

Like their natural counterpart, wool diaper covers, fleece diaper covers are not the most trim cloth diaper cover available making them the perfect cover for most adult babies who like super soft, bulky, and adorable diapers. They are most known for their softness and comfort, as well as the ability to wick moisture away from big baby’s skin.

The SnuggleBums Fleece Diaper Cover is a great option for heavy wetters or to use when your big baby must go for longer periods of time between changes. Text source:

SnuggleBums Fleece Adult Diaper Covers

This is the one in this category i thinking about to bought. look very nice and comfortable to wear. do you not agree? You can find more prints here:

Most of the text and the pitchers have i copy from this website: babypersempre

I’ve seen a lot of different kind of adult baby cloths but this is something new. I dont know way i dont have visit this site before. I only hope that he can ship to Sweden so i can try this wonderful diaper cover or maybe wear it whiteout the diaper like some cute kids underwear.

If you dont know what print or color you you wont to have you can always mark the: Complete surprise when you make you order.

Hope you find something nice to bay to in this store. And i hope we are going to see this diaper cover whit more cute prints in the future.

ABDL Coach


How do you come up whit this ide to the site ?

I was looking at getting into life coaching for a bit, when it clicked that there were a lot of people on the forums of AB/DL sites that were asking questions and not receiving any help. It seemed like a logical idea since no one was currently out there helping people through this type of lifestyle. There are so many questions, concerns and just general discussions that people need help with everyday and I knew I could help fill that void.

How do you get the idea of the cute teddy bear pitcher you have on the
I was looking for a logo to use and came across the Teddy bear on a logo website. It was the perfect fit for me and far better than the dinosaur idea that I was originally going to go with.

How many years have you work whit this website?

I just started the website in the last few months, so I’m still in my start up phase, but everything is going great so far.

How many visitors do you have every day?

Right now I’m averaging around 85 unique visitors to the site each day and growing.


What is the price for the service?

You can find the price info that we have at this moment on this web page: http://www.abdlcoach.com/Welcome/abdl-coaching.html

How many qustions do you get every day?

It varies day to day, but I would say I average about 6-10 emails a day from customers.

How many people have you help?

Since the site is still fairly new, I am somewhere around 15 people that I have helped out so far. I’m hoping I’ll be able to reach even more people with the release of the E-book next month.

What is the biggest problem for most people to understand?

So far the biggest area people seem to need help with is relationships, primarily with telling their significant other and getting them to partake in the lifestyle.

Are people free to ask all kind of questions?

Absolutely! I don’t want to limit anyone to a specific topic, I will do my best to answer each and every question that people throw my way. If I’m unable to answer something I will be sure to let them know.

Are you the only one that answer the questions?

Right now I am the only one that answers the questions, but my girlfriend (who is into the lifestyle too) may answer some questions in the future if people would like that. I know it could be helpful to have a female perspective of the lifestyle too.

If you are alone have you think about to get help from some one else
that have expereince about this to?

If things were to pick up a lot, I would definitely consider having someone else help out. I want to make sure they are the right fit though, it’s not always easy to give proper guidance to people and there’s a lot at stake with people’s relationships and families involved, so I need to be sure anyone providing coaching services is able to help others properly.

Is it most male the send you the qustions?

So far the bulk of my questions appear to be from males, however, since I do allow anonymity, I can’t be 100% sure of that. I want people to be comfortable with who they are, so if they want to be referred to as a baby girl when they’re really an adult male, that’s perfectly fine by me. I try to embrace the persons individuality as much as possible, because that’s what makes this job great! I love to meet new people and interact with others in the AB/DL world.

Are it any different betwhen the qustions thats comes from male or

The questions seem to be quite different, the males so far have been mostly asking about how to get their partner into the lifestyle or how to manage telling someone about their fetish. The few questions I’ve received from females seem to be more focused on how they can better understand their husbands or boyfriends lifestyle choice.


How about your self are you AB or DL to?

I consider myself mostly a DL, but have gotten into the AB side of things from time to time. I do have some pacifiers and bottles, and even enjoy a onesie and footy pjs from time to time.

How do you come up with the idea of the E-book?

When I was considering the AB/DL coaching site, I thought it would be a great idea to provide a single resource for people to be able to go to for relationship advice with the AB/DL Lifestyle and what better medium than an E-book? People can read it at their leisure, review it as necessary, and there’s nothing else like it out there to help people.

What field do the E-bock cover?

The E-book covers a wide array of relationship material, some of the topics include:
* Who to Tell
* The Risk of Telling
* Getting others to wear (several situations are outlined with suggestions on how to conquer each)
* When you should avoid telling someone
* Choosing the right wording
* Special tactics on how to tell someone
* Finding out if they already know & what to do about it.

Have you any plans to expand your service in the future?

I don’t have any immediate plans to expand the services, but I am always open to new ideas, so if anyone has a suggestion please feel free to send me a message through the site. My girlfriend and I are considering writing another E-Book about how to create your own cloth diapers, so hopefully people would be interested in that.


I would like to thank Chris the owner of abdlcoach.com for the time he have taken to help me whit this blog post about his site.


Cloth Diaper Pull-on “giraffe”

Cloth Diaper Pull-on giraffe

Pull-on  Cloth diaper very absorbent with beautiful patterns very childish very soft flannel Babykins brand, manufactured in Canada.

This beatiful diaper shoves  as a panty.

100% cotton outer layer with a reinforcement in the center of polyester / cotton. Perfect for an active person and very comfortable, this diaper is very absorbent and compresses well under clothing

Size S: 62-71 cm

Size M: 71-80 cm

Size L: 80-89 cm

Size XL: 89-98 cm


Here we have some more cute cloth diapers product from: http://www.perlasensua-shop.com/
This is some cute product to like the last one i show you. I wounder how this products feels to wear. Have any one try this cloth diapers? should be nice if you mad some comments about it if you have or send me a e-mail about it. Should be nice to here what you think about them.