My new onesize whit Blue Baby Trains has arrive from Cosy n Dry

Pitchers on my new onesize that i have order from Cosy n Dry.

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 1 front

Blue Baby Trains Cosy n Dry 2 Back

The problem i have is it is little to small over my tommy. But i dont know gave me a good felling to and i dont know relay right now how is it to sleep whit. I know more then if it maybe is a good one any way. But it have the best fit around my neck on the onesize that i have. and the same is for crotch more closer fit on that part. And that can be bad or good when it come to the thick night diaper.

The good part is that you are going to see on the onesize that i have a thick diaper on.

The bad thing is that stainless steel snap fastening maybe dont going to work so good over the thick diaper.

If you wont some of you own you can find it here: And you can choice from more print that the print that i pick for me. Hope you find a print that you like.

The cotton that the use for the onesies is kind of soft but i think that the thing that ABDL PATAPOOM Clothes have is more closer to some relay nice baby cloths. That is kind of soft and special

So what do you think is this a good size for me or not? I can send it back but i dont wont to do that. It cost some money and take some time. fells more easy to order a new one instead. What should you do if you was me?


Today i got my order from and like always i like to post pitchers about my order:

My GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comMy GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comMy GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comBaby finally its pajamas baby boy!
Adorable, soft, sweet, beautiful, and extremely “baby”, is THE BABY BOY pajamas we expected to dress up Baby!
Yes, a real pajamas, which instantly transforms Baby in a little baby to mother them very surrounded by softness in its pajamas.
BABY BOY is a pajamas that combines comfort and softness that has all the advantages that it is reasonable to expect a baby clothing for the night.
The original cut is exclusive Patapoom (registered trademark), and extremely soft fabric, velvet soft sponge and warm as we love our babies.
The set is lovingly decorated with, a right collar and a lovely embroidery on front, for a true luxury clothing. .
Really cute baby cute, This pajamas is really suitable, even with extremely thick diapers, Baby really comfortably dressed in his pajamas… BABY BOY is THE essential Baby pajamas for a good warm night or during nap in the afternoon
Not to be missed, really!


I hope i look very cute now. And that you like the pitchers i take. Maybe you decide to order one to :) It is very nice to wear. It is a lot of space for a thick diaper in the pants. That is good :) So mommy dont need to worry about that she need to put you in thiner diaper when it is time for some sleep.

First impression of the product from

This product i review in this post have the ABDL PATAPOOM Clothes send to me as a gift so i could try it.


I like the looking system. First time i have sen this type of looking system on a snap-on pants and i like the print. It has a nice fit even if it get up on the tommy very high. Is it suppose to do that?  The pants make me feel like i baby boy in his thick wet night diaper. I love that feelings. I have were this pants for a couple of hours now and it feels good. The plastic inside the pants is soft and nice. But i dont now how well it works against leaks yet.

PYPPO front
PYPPO front
PYPPO back
PYPPO back

I like the blue color. But i like cloths whit more baby prints on like the BAMBEE YELLOW TEDDY BEAR. Maybe some nice text on the front should be something. I dont rely know. But the pants is soft and nice to wear like baby things should be. This type of pants have i looking for in a long time and now i have found it.

This is my first impression of the products. But this is rely good stuff. Good quality clothes.