Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

Awww what’s the matter, hubby?

“Awww what’s the matter, hubby?? Isn’t this what you wanted? To have to wear diapers and be treated like a wittle baby? What? Do you realize now that you enjoyed the fantasy aspect of it more than the reality? Do you not like having to go pee pee and poo poo in your diapers and squish around in your wittle messies all day? Do you not like it when I bring my friends over to laugh at you? Or do you not like having your little tee tee locked up in a chastity device? All of the above? Well…too bad!”

ABDL Padded Mittens

ABDL Padded MittensKeep your little one out of trouble with these adorable padded mittens!

They are made with a soft fleece inside to keep them nice and soft, it also helps absorb some of the moisture from being in the mittens. They are filled with polyester fibres so they are as soft as a pillow and the out side is a nice fun printed fabric mostly in cotton or flannel!

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Looks like some good product for an adult baby to have in there wardrobe.