Blog post 1000

Hi all out there in the ABDL and Babyfur world this is now my 1000 blog post  that i am written on my blog. When i started this blog June 2010 i newer thought it should make so many post or how long i should keep this blog active. Some blog only is active for a short time and some one year but i have manage to keep my blog update for 3 years and it only keep growing stronger and stronger every months. I get allot more visitors and if you remember the blog post i write in the past that the blog have make an imported milestone the 1.000.000 views.  This is kind of awesome and impressive to reach that kind of goal and i hope that one day going to get the 1.500.000 views and maybe even 2.000.000 but i think i going to need to wait a long time for that. But maybe one day i am going to be there and what know what is going to happen in the future.  And i hope that i going to be able to keep making new blog post and post some more cute and wonderful babyfur arts over the coming years.

I would like to thank all Babyfur and Artist that have let me post some of there arts on my blog that means allot to me that they have give me that permission. So if you see this and know that i have post a drawing from you on my blog you should know that i am happy that you have give me that permission.

I hope you all going to have a nice day and remember to stay diaperd so match that you can.