Last ever update –

It seems that is going to close down there audio site pretty soon. They post this info on there blog earlier today:


This week will be the last round of updates on the site. Members can continue to access the content library and new members can enjoy all previous updates too.

Why is the site going to close?

We are closing the site because other work commitments make it too difficult to continue updating. It has been a great journey and we had lots of fun creating this kinky audio for you all!

When is the site going to close?

The site is going to close at the end of June 2015.

Please contact us if you have any questions via the Contact Us page.

If you would like to buy the entire audio library for use on your own site, please contact me to discuss ideas.


Recommended ABDL audio story’s from


I have found some weary good ABDL audio story’s on that i would like to recommend.

The first one is Losing Control by LittleTrip

It is a story about James that get turn into a little baby boy by his girlfriend and get force to use his diaper and sucking on his pacifier. And this is not going to change for a wile James girlfriend wont him to learn to behave.

The other story i wont to recommend is The British Nanny by Belle Newton

It is a story about a British Nanny that have learn over the years that the only things that work when it comes to handle misbehaving young men is to threat them as baby. That means spanking them when they are naughty and force them to wear diapers again.

This is some weary good story’s and you can find some samples of this audio story’s on

Now have a real good time while listening to the audio files and dont forget to put on a diaper before you start.