Crib Review Buyer Beware of ABCribBuilder

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As many of my followers on other social media know, my crib buying experience didn’t go well. I tried everything I could, including contacting paypal for a refund. They initially accepted, but wanted us to freight ship it back to Missouri. We couldn’t afford the cost, because it would have been more than the crib was even worth. We asked them if there was any way to get the seller to pay. That is when paypal made us aware that they would not be doing any return because the item is handmade. Apparently, they don’t do refunds on handmade items. Huge bummer. This was a terrible experience. Very sorry that I deleted the screen shots of our messages back and forth. I’m sure I have them buried on this computer somewhere. If I ever find them I will make sure to link to them here. In the meantime here is a link to the picture I posted.… comments are not available now, as he has me blocked. You can check out his page. Make sure to warn your friends in the market to buy a crib.

Here’s some of the issues:

1) There are NO crossbeams to connect the two larger head and foot boards together. The entire piece is held together by gravity and 8 wood screws. Her body weight is sitting on those 8 screws: and

Also in that picture, you can see that the support beams only run lengthwise. That’s NOTHING like this picture he has on his profile, which is how it was advertised, with horizontal crossbeams:…

2) The rail system was SUPPOSED to be routered into the wood, like this:…

Instead, we got a janky $1 Wal-Mart curtain rod setup that broke 2 seconds after he left:

It is held up by 1 U-shaped piece with 2 screws on the back and is NOT very stable when it is up:

3) There are numerous detailing pieces that are VERY poorly constructed and you can SEE space between them: – The attention to detail here is SHIT. and – You can SEE the spaces between the inset beams and the crossbeam – Some of the back railings are CROOKED. It’s visible when you look at it in person, even from a distance – WHY so much space? – The top detailing piece isn’t even cut straight

4) Overall construction… DID HE EVEN MEASURE? This is a picture of the TWO pieces that make up the back railing. Why use 2 pieces, other than that he messed up his measurements between the 2 headboards:

This was shown as one piece here, which is what we expected:………

5) Fiberboard top piece – I understand this adds strength because of the lack of horizontal beams mentioned above, but the grade on this fiberboard is like bottom of the barrel. To top it off, the back edge was cut crooked:

Also, the side detail pieces are held on by a mere 2 screws and hang loose on the frame. Attaching side beams would fix this, because you could attach the detail pieces to the side beams and add stability.

The entire thing was painted poorly with a flat white primer paint. All of his others are painted in expensive high gloss paint. It needs a new coat of paint, as a LOT of it rubbed off in transport.

The text and video is created by LollyLaLaz

It really seems like LollyLaLaz ended up whit allot of problems :(

Good thing that she made this video to warn others about this :)