Order from Save Express 29/07-2012

Time for  a new order from Save Express. This was the thing i order:

QuantityProduct no.DescriptionTotal
1WINOTMOTM Einwegwindel Gr.2 M Nacht , Einzelstueck
1,55 €

122317209Sanosan Gute Nacht Bad 50ml
0,50 €

122187871Sanosan Pflegecreme 20ml
0,50 €

122187864Sanosan Pflegelotion 50ml
0,50 €

49563-01Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT)
42,96 €

2FQPFFA-1Prevail Maximum Stretchfit Windelhose Size:A  S/M ,helllila  Einzelstueck
1,78 €

3,39 €

24163Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,14er,Packung
22,22 €

2403500-1AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm Vorlage Einzelstueck
0,66 €

1AKTION4163Abri Form xPlus ,medium ,Slip,weiss ,14er,Packung 4163   FOLIE
11,11 €

Value of goods:85,17 €
Surcharge on this method of delivery UPS Europa nah Zone 4 :40,54 €
Surcharge for payment method: Visa+Mastercard Eurocard:0,00 €
Packing: neutral packing:0,44 €
Total amount:126,15 €
Nettobetrag:106,01 €
19% MwSt. auf Nettobetrag von 106,01 €:20,14 €
Total amount incl. VAT:126,15 €

This was a big order this time. But i need to order to be big so i have allot of diapers  for the fall and winter. I dont seams good if i should run out of diapers ;) And it not to easy to order if you are working.

A star is born

A star is born

How should you react if something like this happen to you? Should you like it or not?

I have think allot about this. Maybe i should like it or not. should be hard to say.  But i think it going to be allot of blushing about ruining around in only a diaper and pacifier.

Commission – Coren – by ReXam-1

Commission - Coren - by ReXam-1Coren ©  coren

Coren saw his daddy use a potty once. It looked something like this. He tried to do it the same way, pretending to be a big cat… but he forgot the part about taking his diaper off first… and that newspaper is upside-down. Such things are unimportant in the eyes of a cub. He can’t read anyway, and upside down pictures look funny!

Source for the text above: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8500023/

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8497435/

It fells like something is wrong in this pitcher. Should the diaper not be off when you visit the potty? But this seams to work to :)

Way cub should be in diapers part 1 & 2

Way cub should be in diapers part 1This is a good reason to let you cub still wear diapers. Dont always easy to listing to the body when it tells you to go potty. When you have fun playing whit a care. So i ends up whit wet pants and a big wet spot on the floor. So i think mommy is going to putt me back in diapers now.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.

Way cub should be in diapers part 2Seams like mom is going to let me be in diapers for a long time now. To that day i have prove to here that i am not a baby any more. But i think it going to take some time before i can stop wearing my diapers.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.