New kind of character

New kind of character
New kind of character

This is relay a new kind of way that my character is drawn and i even have a new type of look on my face. But i think it is nice and special and give my character a new kind of look. And i even have a new type of diapers or maybe it is plastic pants that i wear. It look more of plastic pants then diapers. I love the blue color on the side of the pants.

Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest

Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest
Abysitter 2nd ABDL Photo Contest

Contest Begins 2/15

Entries: 2/15 – 3/15


The theme of this contest is WHAT DIAPERS MEAN TO ME! and pictures submitted should reflect your love for diapers.


The prizes for this contest include: two onesies; a pair of shortalls; a pair of dungarees; cloth diapers; disposable diapers, including Abena XPlus and Cushies; a Nuk5 pacifier; a custom-made paci clip; a $25 BabiesRUs giftcard; ABDL books and e-books; and more. You’ll be able to find pictures of each prize and more details on the contest page ( beginning 2/14.


Prize categories are subject to change. They are, at this writing:

  • First Place
  • Second Place
  • Third Place
  • Fourth Place
  • Fifth Place
  • Most Creative
  • Most Babyish
  • Best Babygirl Pic (female and/or sissybaby)
  • Best in Show: Canada
  • Most Adorable Expression
  • Most Creative Face Obscurement
  • Random Prizes (4)
  • Last Place Prize!

That’s right… even the photo with the lowest amount of votes wins a prize this time around.


The theme of this contest is What Diapers Mean to Me. Photos should include a sign representing your love for diapers, preferably in a unique and creative way. The word “Abysitter” or “” must also appear somewhere in the photo. SIgns cannot be photoshopped. Photoshop is allowed, but in limited amounts: the picture should be more picture and less artistic creation, and the signs themselves cannot be created with photoshop – they must be real.

You can read more about this photo contest on Abysitters blog:

The information is not going to be show until 2/14 so you need to wait a few days before you can find the information on the blog.

This is something that i thinking about to join.

Diaper change machine

I have wish to have a good diaper change machine drawing for a quite a long time special sens i have sean this drawing: it is so cute and special and i think this is how this kind of pitcher should look like should look like.

I have some diaper change machine pitchers but no one that is like that pitcher i link to. The newest diaper change machine pitcher i have is this one:

Diaper change machine
Diaper change machine

Draw and fix by nelson88 and his cousin. But still is kind of good but i should like it to be more like a comic or something not only a single pitcher. So i hope that i going to find some one that can draw a good one for me.

Find some cool Pikachu T-Shirt

I find some rely cool Pokemon shirt today when i surfing around the web.

Pikachu T-shirt
Pikachu T-shirt

when i find this awesome shirt from this two stores: Ebay and  The only problem is that this T-shirt is in women size and not realy adult male size. Should be so awesome to have a t-shirt like this. Pikachu is my biggest favorite so that is the reason that i should love a shirt like this.

pokeball pikachu gotta catch em all cartoon
pokeball pikachu gotta catch em all cartoon

I find this cute shirt to. That short of print should be something nice to have to. It is always hard to find adult T-shirt whit this type of print on special some nice and good print that i like.

I have com across this store to: There seams to have lot of awesome Pikachu design to. But i dont know if there ship to Sweden or not. I cannot find some information on that. But i going to look around some more and maybe send them and e-mail and ask about it. Maybe the have that print that is on the print that i have post here on the top on the post. That should relay be something awesome and wonderful.

New product on Save Express – Delicare Slip

Delicare Slip

Delicare Slip
Delicare Slip

NEW NEW! Delicare Slip Extra Medium, Gr. M, membrane-folio white – white, for severe incontinence, for the night, 75-110 cm Hip, suction volume ~ 2250ml, pack of 20 photo icon.

– Stretchability – side leakage protection by Buenchen indoor system – two strong adhesive strips for closing – high absorbency pad having superabsorbent leakage barrier soft, tear-resistant fleece smooth PE film 4-fold, resealable closure Gummibuendchen with four elastic Lycra threads.

The pitcher and the product info have i get from Save Express there you also can order this diaper. You find this new product on this link:

I thinking about to order a sample of this diaper my self next time i going to order from Save Express. Have you order or try this product it should be nice then if you let me know what you think of this diaper. If it was wort trying or if it was bad and nothing to wear.

Delicare Slip diaper sample
Delicare Slip diaper sample

I have try to find about something about this company but it seams hard. I dont find any thing special when i search around on Google on the name: Delicare. If some won find the link to the company it should be nice if you cold share a link to there website on a comment.

A new way how you can spank a cub

Teeter-totter spanking
Teeter-totter spanking

Matt, Grandpa and the twins,  decided to have some fun in the park, but as expected, Sammy and Remi, began to fight over who would be the first in everything!

Matt was tired of listening too much discussion and said:
:”Boys,boys!Listen to what  we’ll do!Grandpa  and  I  have  an  idea and  we decided to take both  of  you, to a little far away part  of the park, there’s an old teeter-totter without handles, but we know you will love it!!”

Sammy  and  Remi:”Without handles? Then we’re going to fall,dad!”

Matt:”Don’t worry! You’re not going to fall! We promise!”

Later  on  on the old  teeter-totter…

Matt:”Are you enjoying it, my boys?This  is  fun!Now you  will learn to behave!
Ok  dad,ready?Up,down,up,down!”

Artwork  by  Victor/colors / story  by  me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


This is a new way how you can spank a cub. I have newer see something like this before. Nice whit some new view how you can get spanked. Seams like there fathers have a nice time any way in the park. Hope no one of there friend is sing them now in this humiliate situation. But where is the diaper? what happen if the wet them self during the spanking. I bet i know it going to be some more spanking if that happen.