Anixen’s mirror 5

Anixen's mirror 5
Anixen’s mirror 5

Dragon: anixen

Draw by: catmonkshiro

anixen is now fully decked out with infantile attire… and things just keep going south… the mirror starts to show its true nature


It seams like anixen have found a very powerful mirror here. And what we can see that she already have use here diaper like a good baby. But i bet it have room for allot more then that before she needs a change. If its someone that can change the diaper. Babys are not allow to change there own diapers. That is something only adults can handle. Should be nice to see what is happen next. Maybe the diaper get more then wet but if that happen that should bot be any problem. Diapers is made to handle that sort of thing to you know. So i hope she learn to accept that she is going to be a good baby now and use the diaper that she is wearing.

Cute Firefox T-shirt

Firefox T-shirt
Firefox T-shirt

I can agree this is really a special and cute Firefox T-shirt  created by: pacopanda

I did not know that he have started to make cute T-shirt. I thought he only did mugs but it is nice that he have start whit this thing to. Should be nice to see what more t-shirt prints he is going to release in the future.

You can bought it here: and it is available in different sizes and colors, also available V-neck, long sleeve and hoodies.

You find his store here if you wont to bought something else and i hope that he is going to release more nice print soon. I am thinking about to bought this one.

My first review on the new Race Car Diaper

This is my first review about the new Boy’s 2X-Large Race car Diaper from


The size on the Race Car Diaper is very good. The wing of the diaper is wide and good you st like it should be on a diaper. So it is no problem to get a really nice and good fit. I compare the size to the regular adult diaper medium. So if you can wear medium adult diaper then you can even were the new Race Car diaper whit no problem. You get a nice and cozy diaper that goes up high on both front and back like a diaper should do.

Even more then Bambino and ABUniverse diaper do. You can compare it like the diaper give you a big hug around the waist.


I dont have match to say about this subject more then the diaper feel comfort to wear special around the waist like i have mention early. But it needs some improvement to get a  more secures feeling around the legs special around the butt.


Dont seams like it can handle thats match wetting. Easy leak when you you sit down. Special if you have wet the diaper standing. The diaper get very saggy fast and leak in the back. Seams to have problem to handle if you wet to match in the same time. One possitiv thing is it that it dont feels so wet against the skin. I have only try one diaper so it is hard
to say yet. Can be that i need to put it on in another way. But it is kind of thin so it can be good to have some booster pads to help the diaper absorb.

I dont know whats more i can say about this diapers right now more then it needs to make some big improvement on the absorbing part. Special if i should bought this diaper again. The diaper can handle small wetting but seams to have big problems when it comes to big wetting or flooding. So i dont recommend this diaper special if you need something that can handle allot of wetting. This diaper maybe work good for children whit bed wetting problem. But i dont think this is a diaper for adults that wets more.

I hope this review get you some good information about how this diaper works.

KINS Pull-On Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper

Do you need a little more protection? Our KINS terry pull-on’s just might be the solution you. This extra absorbent comfortable terry cloth diaper comes in a convenient easy to wear pull-on. These are great for both daytime and nighttime wear.

KINS Pull-On Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper

KINS Pull-On Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper – 100% Cotton out layer with 2 layers of thick cotton terry inserts to the side seams, absorbent and not bulky. Great for that needed extra protection. Has a 1 inch elastic waist band and Lycra®.

For additional absorbency you can layer up with a KINS Double Layer Terry Pull-On. Keep everything nestled together with 20300V Vinyl Waterproof pant.

Colour: White, Boy Print, Girl Print and Neutral print.

KINS Pull-On Cotton Adult Cloth Diaper Size Chart

Max Hip Width40″42″46″48″50″54″
Side Seam10″10″10″10.5″11″11″
Crotch Width12″12.5″13″13.5″14″14″
Leg Width15-22″16-23″17-24″18-22.5″19-26″19-26″

*Note: Not always in stock – may be a custom order, 2-3 weeks to make.

Price: from $26.00

You can order the diaper here:

This can be a nice and good product to have special if you have lots of leaky diaper or need to have some extra protection.

Receive my first order from Aww So Cute


Today i receive my first order from Aww So Cute and like you can see on the picture no won can gees that you have order diapers.  If they dont have look on the description on the address label that it say diapers. But i dont think that is any problem or something that i think is bad.

Customers service

They have some strange website that dont work 100% yet. You cannot track you order and you dont get any information when your diaper is shipped even that you have get the information that you should be notify about that. You cannot pay for your order whit help of paypal seams to be something wrong. When you have used their contact form they responds to you whit a do_not_reply replay account. I think that is very weird and bad. I hope they going to fix this problem soon.

I have not try it yet but i have heard some nice and good reviews about this diapers. I hope they have a nice and good fit and work good.

Aww So Cute Diaper Package


Like you can see the diaper package is kind of special. I think it is good that they have put the company logo on the package :)

The Ghostbusters pups

The Ghostbusters  pups
The Ghostbusters pups

“If there’s something strange
in your neighborhood
Who ya gonna call?

I saw this movie  two days ago on  dvd, it’s really  a classic movie(1984) and one of the few comedies that have made me laugh!It came to my mind to make a parody (a drawing) of that classic movie with my pups and a special guest!I talk to my friend Victor about  my  idea and the result is this pic, which I loved a lot!

In this drawing, it seems that there are some strange noises in JimFox’s   room,specially  under  his  bed!Then he decided to call his friends, Sammy and Remi, who supposedly being the  “ghostbusters pups”! LOL!

But apparently what Remi found was not a ghost … but a bag full of candy!^^
And don’t worry anyone, what Sammy have in his paws it’s a water gun!Have  fun  boys!^.^

Guest  character  invited: Jimfox1985

Lineart  by  Victor/colors, idea and text  by: nelson88


What i can see from this drawing this is not the boys that you should call. I love the look on Jimfox1985 face :)