Gabby’s Adult Swim Diapers

Now when it is summer time can it be great to have some swim diapers. Special if you are bowel incontinence. Here is some tips of some swim diapers that you can get from



Product Description: Gabby’s Swim Diapers are a great solution for the swimmer with bowel incontinence. In the swimming pool, hot tub or at the beach, Gabby’s Swim Diapers may be worn alone or under a swimsuit. Gabby’s Pull-On Pool Pant has an outer layer of Oxford Nylon which helps prevent the seepage of stool into the water. The inner layer is 100% Cotton Flannelette for comfort and durability. The Pull-On Pool Pant has elasticized legs and waist for a snug fit. May be worn alone or under a swimsuit.

Sizes Available:

Assorted Colours

Small (24″ – 29″ Waist) (100 – 130 lbs.)
Medium (30″ – 34″ Waist) (130 – 150 lbs.)
Large (35″ – 39″ Waist) (150 – 180 lbs.)
X-Large (40″ – 44″ Waist) (180 – 200 lbs.)

Price: $34.99
You can get the pants here or click on the product above.



Product Description: Gabby’s Swim Diapers are a great solution for the swimmer with bowel incontinence. In the swimming pool, hot tub or at the beach, Gabby’s Swim Diapers may be worn alone or under a swimsuit. The outer layer is 100% Nylon and the inner layer 100% cotton flannelette, which allows for more comfort and durability. Gabby’s Swim Diapers contain solids while allowing liquids to sieve through, but will not fill with air and balloon out or absorb large amounts of water and act as an anchor.

These products are not suitable for those with chronic diarrhea

Size Available:

Assorted Colours

Small ( 26″ – 30″ Waist )
Medium ( 31″ – 35″ Waist )
Large ( 36″ – 40″ Waist )
XLarge ( 41 – 45″ Waist )
2X (45- 50” Waist)

Price: $29.99.
You can get the pants here or click on the product above to get to the site.
From the picture i should say that the last swim diapers look the most nice thing to wear. What do you say about swim diapers? Do you have any special that you wear when you are going to the pool or beach?

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Charmander Tickling Buizel

Charmander Tickling Buizel
Charmander Tickling Buizel

Ordered from Lechensko.

Draw by: Coshi_Dragonite


It seams that Charmander have a very nice time right now when he decide that he should tickling his friend Buizel like that. We can only hope that Buizel not wet him self now. But maybe that is the point whit this tickling time? I dont know but i dont think that is the point but it can easy happen something like that when some one is tickling you like that.

It was a very nice drawing and what nice and soft color it is. This is some rely impression work by Coshi_Dragonite. I hope that i going to see lots of more nice work from that user in the future.

Abena Abri-Form original x-plus – Video

This video is created by: diaperman89 and it is he that you see and hears describe the ABENA ABRI FORM ORIGINAL BRIEFS X PLUS.

This is an amazing diaper that rely feels special and nice to wear even when the diaper gets wet. So i am not surprise that many AB/DL people out there like to wear and use this brand. I only hope that Abena not going to stop making this diaper.  I have heard some rumors about this before but i dont know how it is now. I have not heard any new information recently about this subject. But i hope this product is going to be availably on the market for a very long time.

We need a good small incontinent brief!

Today I would like to persuade you to help the many individuals that are being forced to use mediocre products for their medical conditions. I would also like to help the many parents that have few diaper options for kids that outgrow children’s’ diapers, as well as help teenage bed wetters. Even though there are a lot of incontinence products on the market, there are few that offer a size small. This has left many parents and individuals, who fit in this size range, desperate for a well-made small diaper. Although they do find a size small, many of them are terrible for the wearer. There are a decent amount of individuals in society that do not have an efficient product they can go to, to help with these issues. Children that have outgrown baby diapers, teenagers with bed wetting issues, and small adults do not have a product they can look to for incontinent situations and bed time accidents. Now I ask you “Why should parents and adults be forced to pay for a product that well-made”?  We need to show companies that the there is a selection of individuals were incontinent products are not being sold for. These individuals have every right to well-made products as any other person.

Thank You.

You can sign here.

  • Target: Major Incontinence Corporations
  • Sponsored by: Brandon H.

Announcing our new diaper

Announcing our new diaper
Announcing our new diaper

We are happy tho announce that our new diaper is finely here. This is a diaper whit an understanding absorbing core that you have newer seen before. This is the perfect night time diaper or when you dont have time for a change in a long time. This diaper can handle 6-7 big flood whit 100% guaranteed that is not be any leak.

We have test this product on poochyena. He is a very big wetter and he have always a big problem to find the right diaper that could keep up whit his big flood. So we have put our minds together and create this wonderful diaper. But we need to test this diaper more before we can put it on the market. So if you wont to have a chance to test this new diaper you need to understand this demands.

You are not allow to use potty during this test you are going to wet and mess your diaper.

You are not allow to change your own diaper. This is going to be tacking care of our staff.

It can be that we need to take some pictures of you when you test this diaper. So you need to be up to some posing whit your diaper fully expose. This pictures is going to be use in the first commercial.

I hope that you are going to enjoy your stay and keep your easy open for the big drawing there your can claim your spot.

Foxy: abdl86

poochyena: poochyena

Draw by: batladie

This is drawing 1 of 2

Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 1-3

Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 1
Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 1

Looks like affedafox has gotten me new deo. Always should read those labels, specially the smaller prints to see if there is any known issues with use of other products, such as FOY…


Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 2
Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 2

First it feels and smells kinda good. Suddenly it feels like it burning and tingling, the same sensation with foy at first, but something is off this time. In a few moments the adult coyote has been turned into feral coyote pup. And by the looks of it.. he knows what happened, since he seems to be locked inside now..


Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 3
Babyfur Comic: Little feral page 3

Been scooped up and put on a collar is the first things to come. Since it’s not sure how long the effect will take place, better get those pup-diapers on too. The next days Hysi has to adjust his life of a real puppy, which is not always so fun and easy as it may have looked like so far!


Idea/story: Finbabyfur

Other character: affedafox

Draw by: toddlergirl

i relay love this age regression drawings and this is the first time that i have seen some one regress by some deodorant. Seams to be some very nice deo. wounder how long this deodorant is going to effect him? Is he going to be a pup for a long time? And now when he have a nice and cozy diaper on he dont need to be out for a walk to pee any more :) He can you st use the diaper and let some one change it when it is soggy or messy. That is the best thing about diapers that you can change it when you have the time for it :)