Shade Koopa_Puppeteer’s Play Thing

Shade Koopa_Puppeteer's Play Thing“T-this isn’t funny, i-i’m not a real baby!! L-let me go!”

Koopa: Shade_Koopa

Draw by: catmonkshiro


You maybe think that Shade Koopa but if you not is a baby that the machine think you is how come you wear this thick and poofy diaper then if you not a baby? This cloths that the machine wont you to use should fit so good whit your thick diaper and it make the diaper change allot easy when you need one. I think you need to accept this that you have no choice then to wear this onesies like a good baby boy.  If you dont behave the machine maybe decide that it need to spank you so you learn who is the boss here. And i bet if that happen it going to hurt allot and it going to make you cry like a little baby boy you are.

Ricky’s Painting

Ricky's PaintingGetting a little messy here, pichuboy‘s attempt at artistry is getting paint everywhere even on himself and his brand new shoes. However he didn’t do a half bad job for a first try.

Pichu: pichuboy.

Draw by: pichu90.


Aww this is not so bad for a first try and beside it is not so bad that every thing ends up messy when you have a fun time whit the painting. And i bet your mom or your caretaker can clean this thing up they also need to have something to do :)

Maybe next time Ricky you can paint more then the face. Maybe you can paint a self portrait? That should be something super cute.

Wounder how Ricky should have look if he was sucking on a pacifier now. I bet that should add some extra cute to this work.

Super Undies Pants New Size

I have post about this Super Undies Pants before. And now they have come out whit a new size XL that fit people whit waist  36-44. Maybe this can be something good to check out if you like to wear cloth diaper and wont to try something new and special.

And if you decide to try it or have try it. It should be weary nice if you share what you think about this Super Undies PantsSuper Undies Pants New Size. That should be nice to know how they are and work.

My third order from

last week a place a new order from this amazing store that is loaded whit allot of nice ABDL book. Did you know that you even can order this books on there Kindle StoreMy third order from That can be a good thing to do if you wont to read it on your iPad or order the book from the Amazon for faster delivery.

This was the book that i order this time.

Timothy Is Just A Baby NowMy third order from

It was a drastic solution but Stephanie felt she had no choice. If she was to keep her teenage son safe and out of harms way she was going have to take a course of action that would result in him missing out on his adulthood forever.

She was going to take her son back to a time when he was just a helpless baby for her; a life of nappies, plastic pants, early bedtimes and being bottle fed on her lap. A life where he would remain totally under the control of women.

There would be no driving a car or going out to the pub and staying up late for Timothy, he would be in his cot asleep dreaming of baby things when others of his age were doing such things.

Adulthood would be out of his reach permanently, his life would be full of soft fluffy cuddly toys and overpowering real Mummy love, a life of being continuously fussed over and total childish innocence.

Be My Baby

Joseph is an Adult Baby. He’s always wanted to be babied and he thought that all of his dreams had come true when he found a professional dominatrix who lived nearby who was willing to infantilise him.

He was to realise however, that his dream of being her baby had only just begun…

She wanted more, much more than that from him and it all started that Friday afternoon with a phone call while he was teaching his group of students…

This is the other three books i order:

  • Adult Baby Letters (Volume One)
  • Adult Baby Leters (Volume 2)
  • Adult Baby Letters (Volume 3)

This is going to be some nice reading.

Sparks pichu in shoes

Sparks pichu in shoesSparks trying footwear for the first time, landonbay suggested it would be cute with the diaper too. It’s an adorable combination indeed :3

There is a non-diaper version too if you’re interested – with his cute butt showing ^-^

Sparks: pichu90

Draw by: pichu90


Aww this is so super cute and i agree whit landonbay that this footwear fit weary good whit the diaper he is wearing. And it make it even more cuter when he is blushing about this to. It only make him even more cute and the only thing you wont to do is to hug him and say that it is nothing to worry about. It is so normal for a little baby Sparks to be this cute. Do you not agree?

Sparks in shoes 2The diaperless version X3

Note how the shoes let his ‘other’ features stand out XD


Aww what a cute butt Sparks have. But i think the diaper butt is match cuter.

Toopy and Binoo – Diaper Dream

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This is a nice and fun dream to have :)