When you need help whit the diaper change

 When you need help whit the diaper change

When you need help whit the diaper change

When you dont can change you own diaper it is good that is a machine that can do the diaper change for you. And in the seam time that you get a new diaper you can suck on a baby bottle whit some good baby formula.

draw by   myoti

Thanks to   rogeykun for the id for this drawing: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8161900/

Rexam revenge

Rexam revenge 1
Rexam revenge 1

Foxy decide to pull down his friends pants because he has notes that the pants is kind of bulky around his butt. When the Rexam pants is down he find out that his friends still needs diapers. The thought foxy was very nice to discover. But what he dont know is that….

Rexam revenge 2
Rexam revenge 2

Rexam have notes that foxy is in diapers to because the pants does not cover the entire diaper that his wear. So Rexam decide to pull down foxys pants so he can get his own medicine. And like you can see he cannot handle it. He both cry and wet his diaper.

So who do you think is the baby in this revenge?

Draw by:   tato

In this drawing:   abdl86 and   rexam-1

This drawing is based about this drawing mad by:   revathescarf http://www.furaffinity.net/view/8159174/


My GRISOUILLE from – patapoom.com

Today i got my order from patapoom.com and like always i like to post pitchers about my order:

My GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comMy GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comMy GRISOUILLE from - patapoom.comBaby finally its pajamas baby boy!
Adorable, soft, sweet, beautiful, and extremely “baby”, is THE BABY BOY pajamas we expected to dress up Baby!
Yes, a real pajamas, which instantly transforms Baby in a little baby to mother them very surrounded by softness in its pajamas.
BABY BOY is a pajamas that combines comfort and softness that has all the advantages that it is reasonable to expect a baby clothing for the night.
The original cut is exclusive Patapoom (registered trademark), and extremely soft fabric, velvet soft sponge and warm as we love our babies.
The set is lovingly decorated with, a right collar and a lovely embroidery on front, for a true luxury clothing. .
Really cute baby cute, This pajamas is really suitable, even with extremely thick diapers, Baby really comfortably dressed in his pajamas… BABY BOY is THE essential Baby pajamas for a good warm night or during nap in the afternoon
Not to be missed, really!


I hope i look very cute now. And that you like the pitchers i take. Maybe you decide to order one to :) It is very nice to wear. It is a lot of space for a thick diaper in the pants. That is good :) So mommy dont need to worry about that she need to put you in thiner diaper when it is time for some sleep.

Advertisement: What Are Iron Perler Beads Used For?

Perler beads are a type of fusible bead that is made from plastic. These beads can be used by adults and children to create colorful pieces of jewelry or other types of bead decorations. You can get these beads here. The beads are designed to be placed onto a plastic style pegboard, and cut into different designs and shapes thereafter. Once placed, the beads should be fused together by applying heat that comes from an ordinary iron.


1. Put a textured towel on top of a flat, hard surface.


2. Place your square design that is currently placed on a pegboard, along the center portion of the towel.


3. Start creating your design by using different perler beads, placing them directly onto the pegboard as they are chosen. Typically, you will need to pick up the beads you will be incorporating into your design with a pair of tweezers and place them onto the pegboard. Each bead will need to be picked up in this matter, and placed on the desired spot you have picked out for it on the pegboard.


4. Start preheating your iron so that it has a medium setting.


5. Grab an ironing sheet, placing it directly over your design and over the pegboard that your design is stuck to. Take the iron and run it gently across the sheet in a circular motion. You should run the iron in the same circular motion for the course of thirty seconds. Once your entire design has had heat applied to it, place the iron on its bottom heel upright, next to the design. Let the iron cool for at least five minutes.


6. Take the ironing sheet off of the design. Pick up the heated design, turn it over and put it back onto the pegboard.


7. After the design has been placed back onto the pegboard, repeat everything you did in step 5. Once the design has cooled, it may be removed from the pegboard.