Commission – Coren – by ReXam-1

 Commission - Coren - by ReXam-1Coren ©  coren

Coren saw his daddy use a potty once. It looked something like this. He tried to do it the same way, pretending to be a big cat… but he forgot the part about taking his diaper off first… and that newspaper is upside-down. Such things are unimportant in the eyes of a cub. He can’t read anyway, and upside down pictures look funny!

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Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.


It fells like something is wrong in this pitcher. Should the diaper not be off when you visit the potty? But this seams to work to :)

Way cub should be in diapers part 1 & 2

Way cub should be in diapers part 1This is a good reason to let you cub still wear diapers. Dont always easy to listing to the body when it tells you to go potty. When you have fun playing whit a care. So i ends up whit wet pants and a big wet spot on the floor. So i think mommy is going to putt me back in diapers now.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.

Way cub should be in diapers part 2Seams like mom is going to let me be in diapers for a long time now. To that day i have prove to here that i am not a baby any more. But i think it going to take some time before i can stop wearing my diapers.

Thanks to: ohnokttn who have draw this.

Comic suggestions

I have come up whit an id to a comic.

Pitcher 1: I discovered an abandoned nursery.
Pitcher 2: I decide to brake in to the nursery to check it out.
Pitcher 3: When i finely have brake in to the nursery i discover a strange machine and decides to check it out.
Pitcher 4: I found the on switch on the machine and decide to push it.
Pitcher 5: The machine started to scanner me and a voice say: Male and no diaper continue with the spanking and diaper procedure
Pitcher 6: The machine starting to take off my clothe.
Pitcher 7: Machine starting to spank my butt.
Pitcher 8: Time for the diaper to get on.
Pitcher 9: When the diaper is on the machine put something over the diaper so i dont can take it off by my self.
Pitcher 10: The machine place me in a crib leak cage and lock me in so i dont can escape.

To be continue.

What do you think about this? No do i only need to find some one that can draw this to a good price.

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