Pokemon Big Pika Twin/Full Comforter with 2 Pillow Shams by The Northwest Company

Pokemon Big Pika Twin/Full Comforter with 2 Pillow Shams by The Northwest Company

Product Description

Show your love for Pokémon with this official Twin/Full Pokémon Comforter by The Northwest Company. This comforter is super bright and bold and has your favorite Pokémon character, Pikachu, front and center. Wake up and go to sleep wrapped up in our super warm and cozy 72-inch-by-86-inch Pokémon comforter that comes with two pillow shams to complete your look. Made of 100% polyester and is 100% machine washable; these bright colors won’t fade after machine washing.

I order this early this week but i was not sure that i going to get it. But now when i am sure that i going to get it i decide that it was the right time to post about it.
This should be something super cool when i get it whit this big Pikachu print and all the Pikachus on the pillow. This is something for a Pikachu fan like me :)

Pichuboy’s new year belly

Pichuboy's new year bellypichuboy asked for another new year’s pic patting his belly. He may plan to get rid of it with exercise and a better diet XD.

Pichu: pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/12495625/

Aww he maybe have a thick tummy right now after all this new years eve food. But another way he look kind of happy right now whit all this food in his tummy and he is a growing boy so i think all this food that he have in his belly now is going to get in good use for his growing body. I only hope that his parents is prepare for what will come out in amounts at the other end and land in the back of his diaper.

Pikachu Beach Towel

Pokemon Beach Towel I have order this cute Pikachu Beach Towel and i love this big Pikachu print that is on it. That is something that really fit me weary nice and good. Because after all i am a big Pikachu fan and when i see something cute whit Pikachu on i can not stop thinking about it. It is something that i really wont to have wen i see something this cute and nice.

Pikachu 4Ever

My second order from abstories.net

Yesterday i bought some ABDL books from abstories.net and they turn out to be weary good and interesting reading. Special one off the book that i like allot and that was Flying with Baby i really love that one. The only bad thing is that you dont get any information what is going to happen when they are in London. Maybe it is another book for that? But this time i decided for this ABDL book:

  • Training Mark
  • Mummy and Me
  • From Boyfriend To BAby
  • Percy’s Punishment
  • Nappy Discipline
  • Return to the Nursery

It sounds like this can be some weary nice books that i decided to order this time.

You can also order most of the book from abstories.net on the Kindle StoreMy second order from abstories.net.

Order for the first time from abstories.net

Today i order for the first time from abstories.net and i recently receive my pdf book in the mail and the DVD i order is going to be send to me soon.

This was the thing  i decided to ordered from abstories.net

  • Flying with Baby
  • Shopping Trip
  • Shaved for Babyhood
  • Kidnappied
  • Turned Into A Baby DVD

Is going to be nice to read the stores and see how they are. But i hope they are good and the price what not that bad for this pdf files it was kind of cheap.

I hope that i dont need to wait to many days or week before i receive my DVD.