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Some nice pictures

Here are some pictures of myself in a diaper and babyfur shirt. Hope you will like it.

It is always nice to wear a t-shirt whit a cute babyfur print on together whit a diaper.

If you fell like order a t-shirt or something else whit a cute print on. I order my shirt from this website: http://www.spreadshirt.com/

It is a nice company that make some good work. I have always receive some nice product from this company and the quality have bean weary good on the print that i have pick for my t-shirt. So long that you use a high resolution image for you order.

Tickle Tickle!

Tickle Tickle!
Tickle Tickle!

Reva asked me to draw a picture of him getting tickled by a friend, one Caffeinated Squirrel, and I was all too happy to oblige. (Admittedly, the twenty bucks he slipped me was a motivating factor as well.)

I wish the anatomy and perspective had turned out better… I couldn’t find models for these poses and it shows. However, I did try out some nifty effects for this picture, including the starburst in the background (CHALLENGE OF THE SUPERFRIENDS!) and a Gaussian blur which gives the shading a more subtle, airbrushed look.

One note… Reva made a subtle change to his character in the past year, giving him cyan-colored, glove-like hands as a tip of the hat to his profession as an emergency medical technician. I’m wondering if he should just put actual gloves on his alter ego… it works for the old-school cartoon characters, right?

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5068417

Finally tried ABU Cushies

Must say that the diaper was better than I had expected. It was nice and cozy and the pressure on the diaper was just wonderful. Although it was a size Medium bit small for me. Must see if Large is better for me. I’m piled up that it will be just as great as the medium was. The worst thing I know is to use a diaper that is too large. Because then it not that comfortable then to use and wear. So I’m keeping my fingers crossed that Large is better.

Camilla Machine Change

Camilla Machine Change
Camilla Machine Change

Here’s a brief series of drawings starring Camilla Aquino, who’s getting her messy diaper change by a pair of mechanical hands.  I never finished this, although I suppose I could revive the series at a later date.  There’s a dearth of changing pics on InkBunny and I think someone should fill that void.

Be sure to check out the second picture as well!  It’s not quite as good, but they work together as a set.

(Product rated M for diaper mess and general fetishry.)

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=57846

This is so cute and adorable.

New Years Countdown: Toya AR Sequence

New Years Countdown: Toya AR Sequence
New Years Countdown: Toya AR Sequence

Because he is my special pup c:! And I know that he likes AR so here you go! I wanted to make a gift for him because I know how hard he works everyday and how much of a frustrating struggle he may go through. ILUUUU~ <3

Stay tuned~

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/5006573/

Bad new years for this boy.