Attends poly br40 absorbency test by diaperman89

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Absorbency test of the Attends brand Large poly adult brief.

Overview video of this diaper:

Text and video by: diaperman89

Wounder what type of diaper Attends poly is? I have newer heard about that name before.

Can this be a good combination?

good combinationCan this 3 things be a good combination?

Xbox one and the game Destiny plus one diaper so i can play the game whiteout visiting the potty.

The game and the console was something that i bought today. Or maybe this can be some sort of new pack for us diaper loves and adult babys?

I did it!

I did it!Foxy wanted to prove to his mother that he could change his diaper, single-handedly!Just by himself!
“Dear Mommy, this time you will see that I can do it all by myself!” said Foxy

When he finished, a very proud Foxy went straight to his mother and said:
“Mommy! Mommy!I’m a big boy now! I just did it!I changed my diaper and I did it all by myself!”

And his mother said between giggling:
“My little Foxy,where is your your diaper?”

Foxy turned and looked back and saw his diaper lying on the floor and with his little face blushed he said:
“Mommy … help me!”

Draw and text by: nelson88

It look like Foxy still needs help when it comes to diaper change.

Locked in Diapers and Tied Up

Locked in Diapers and Tied UpAfter seven weeks of getting the tar off me, (it was completely solid, which made the process even longer), I was strapped to an examination table until I was needed again. Then, the researchers had knocked me unconscious and locked me into a stretchy, latex diaper for another experiment. They tied my hands behind my back and glued them together to make sure I couldn’t get out. They locked the door of the small room and it went silent. After about an hour, I had completely soaked my diaper. After about three, I realized that I messed in my diaper a lot more in my buizel form, and the diaper had filled up a lot. My sense of smell must have decreased too, because the smell wasn’t bothering me too much. Two hours after that, I started to think they weren’t coming back, and I struggled as hard as I could against the restraints, but they held tight, and all I did was spread the mess around in my diaper… A tube suddenly dropped down from the ceiling and got forced into my mouth. The tube forced me to eat a lot of mushy food, but then I felt something hard for a second in my mouth before it was forced down into my stomach.

7 hours later, the researchers were surprised to see how much I had filled my diaper. They both gagged when realized how bad I smelled. I couldn’t help but smile as they argued about who had to change me. But I don’t think I’m going to be changed anytime soon, because no one know’s where they left the key, and I have a strange feeling the hard thing I was fed gave a good indication of where it was now…

Story and drawing by: Poke-anima


Yes i think so to that the hard thing that he notes in his food was the key to his diaper. Wounder how many hours he is force to wear this messy diaper?