Pichuboy YCH by Fangthefox

Pichuboy YCH by Fangthefox
Pichuboy YCH by Fangthefox

Cub: pichuboy

Draw by: Fangthefox

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/10424821/

This was a nice work from Fangthefox. Especially when he says that he has not drawn Pichu before. And i should know that was the first time for him because i following him on Fur Affinity and i was very surprise when i notes this drawing. But i am happy that he decide to do it because it turn out to be a nice work. I hope like Fangthefox do that pichuboy is going to like this work to. But i think he is going to love it to. It is a nice pic of art work we have here. So he have nothing to worry about.

I hope that he decide to draw more Pokemon art in the future.

Sammy! It’s tickling time part 2

Sammy! It's tickling time part 2
Sammy! It’s tickling time part 2

Part 1: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=381688

Sammy:”And now you’re the one who has no escape!Look what I have in my paw!It’s a feather!And I know that if I making you tickle with this feather, you wouldn’t stop laughing!Another thing, and very important, I’ll opened just a little your stinky diaper, so that your pee comes out and dad will punish you for peeing on the bed!!MUAAAA,HAAAA!”


Lineart by Victor/colors and story by:

Source: //inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=381688

It seams that Sammy is up for some more tickling time. And i have a feeling in my tummy that say that Remi dont going to stop until we have a wet bed. I i think we are going to see some spanking in the next part of the pitcher.

48) Little Furs Productions Video

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Little Furs Productions.
Video by Pandr.
Various artists.
artist Wang Chung, Everybody Have Fun Tonight.
Video done for McAndrews on FA go by and say hi.
A link to his FA page //www.furaffinity.net/user/trevormcandrews.

It is nice to see that Pandr still working on this project. Tack some time now for him to release some new videos. If you wont him to make a video about the art you have can you always send him a note on Fur Affinity and ask him about it. And i think that he should love to do a art video for you if you ask him nice. And i hope that he should do a nice Little Furs Productions video for you to.

I hope that you find some nice art in this video like you do on the other videos that Pandr have create.

Thanks to some special artist

I would like to send a thanks to some special artist that i think make a wonderful work.

wen Make allot of nice and wonderful art work. I have order some art from wen and i am always happen how well and nice it turns out to be. She send allot of sketch so you relay can see the progress on the art. That is something that i relay like and make it easy for you to see if it need something that you wont to have.

pichu90 Make some relay cute Pichu arts and have some very nice and good art skills.

ruugiaruu Draw allot of good art. And make a very wonderful and good work. And my arts that i have order from ruugiaruu have always turn out good and awesome. Ruugiaruu is relay good on drawing some nice and poofy diaper butts :)

fangthefox Do a relay good work and my art that i have order have always turn out great. Can make some relay good and nice REF: //www.furaffinity.net/view/9847060/

bobkitty This is relay a special person. I always looking forward to see when he post new art. Ha can relay draw some good and cute face expression. And all the Soggy adn messy diaper cub his draw is relay get you hart to melt and you wish it was you that was that soggy cub.

catmonkshiro I would like to thanks you for all the regression pitcher you do. I dont know what to say more then i like most of the art you post.

roareyraccoon Thank you for the two cute art that you have draw for me. I am so happy for the cute and wounderful two art that you have fix for me. And i like you wonderful art style

I hope you all keep up whit the nice and wonderful work you do. This is my way to thank some of you artist for the nice and wonderful work you do. I cannot mention you all but i wont to thank some special artist.

Diaper Pins On Disposables

reprinted with permission from the author.

I’ve seen the topic come up many times about defects with some disposable diapers. Often the discussion revolves around the diaper tapes either comming loose, being defective or being so old they no longer stick. Often people say their solution for loose or defective tapes is to use packing tape or even duct tape to keep their diaper on tight. Yes, it works, but how does it look? Especially for those who are AB and are looking for that baby effect. Then you have to always have a roll of packing or duct tape handy just in case, and there is the cost of always buying tape.

I have a different solution that probably a lot of younger members who were always raised in disposables as babies and toddlers may not even think about. Diaper pins. Very simple, easy to use, a one time investment and they don’t take up much room at all! They work excellent for me when I have a tape that pops off or just won’t stick. They work equally as well if the tape comes off from the back of the diaper where it’s attached by the manufacturer. I once bought a package of Tranquility ATN’s that had defective tapes. Everytime I pulled the back of the diaper around to tape it in front, the tapes pulled off from the back leaving me with a diaper that had no tapes at all.

Here is how I do it that works the best for me. I am right handed, so on the right side of my diaper I tape the diaper on as usual, but knowing the tape will probably pop off, I put a diaper pin in the back part of the tape, meaning through the tape and diaper where the tape has been attached to the back of the diaper by the manufacturer. The pin goes through the tape, through the diaper, then forward and out through the front panel of the diaper and through the front of the tape, the part that you would attach to the front panel.

On the left side I basically do the same except that I start by putting the pin through the front part of the tape, the part I would stick to my diaper. The pin goes through the tape and diaper, then when I push the pin back through it comes out through the back of the diaper through the tape where it has been attached by the manufacturer. Hence, the pins on the right side of my diaper have the heads facing frontwards, and on the left side they face towards the rear. It’s just easier for me to do it that way, but you could do the left side the same as the right, facing the pins forwrds instead.

By putting the pins through the actual tapes themselves, it does two things. Helps make sure you are pinning your diaper on in the proper way as the tapes are already there showing you where the diaper should attach, and more importantly, since disposables are made with plactic or cloth like backing but are still easy to tear, the tapes add all the strength you will need so they don’t tear loose from the pins going through your diaper. Plus you have the added satisfaction that your diaper looks better with actual diaper pins instead of ugly duct tape!

Picture 1 shows the right side enhanced for better visibility of the tapes and diaper pins.

Picture 2 shows the right side not enhanced and natural looking.

Picture 3 is the left side enhanced for better visibility (notice the pin heads facing to the back).

Picture 4 is the left side of my diaper not enhanced.

Diaper Pins right side 2 Diaper Pins right side 3 Diaper Pins left side 2Diaper Pins left side 3

Looks like it is back to Diapers

Looks like it is back to Diapers
Looks like it is back to Diapers




Draw by: Wen

Source: //www.furaffinity.net/view/10382968/

Looks likes it is back to diapers for this two cute Husky cubs. But it is nothing bad to be put back to diapers. If you are not ready for potty or some thinner diapers like training pants. Then it should be some thicker diaper for you that can absorb more. I can only hope when some one come to check on this two cubs to see if the are wet at they understand the problem to keep the diaper dry. It take some time before you know how this works.