Not every day i order diapers from EuroDL

Like the title say it is not every day i order diaper from this online shope. But when i visit the shop yesterday i found some new diaper that i would like to see if they are something.  So i send a message to the store owner and ask a cople of questions about this diaper. And he told me this diaper was weary good to use for day time but not something i should use for a night time diaper. The diaper also had a good core that help to protect your skin so you dont end up whit diaper rash. So i decided that i should order 4 IndaSlip Maxi diaper so i can try it before i maybe order a full package of the diaper. It is not so good to order a whole package when you dont know if this diaper is something that you like to wear and use.

Should be nice to see when i receive my order and i would like to thanks the owner of the shop for some nice support that he have.

IndaSlip Maxi

Unique diaper with aloe vera impregnated inner core to protect against rash. Plastic front and back with breathable sides for maximum comfort. High absorption and good fit.

Pack of 14

Maxi 2 Medium – 80-125 cm – 2400ml
Maxi 3 Large – 110-150cm – 3000ml

You find the product here.



New hypnosis file from Baby-pants (Attachment Objects)

Whether it’s a threadbare blankie or a dog-eared doggy, babies form strong attachment bonds. These attachments peak at about two years old so there is no reason to believe that your needs are any different. This session will help you become completely bonded to your lovey. You will loose all shame and embarrassment over this characteristic baby behavior allowing you to take your lovey with you to work, to the store, or when you play. You will find comfort having your lovey close to you and you will be agitated when it isn’t. You will find deep peaceful sleep when you take your lovey to bed with you at night.

You can order this file on this site: and click on Attachment Objects on the sidebar to get to this mp3 file.

This is something every adult baby need to learn to sleep whit a special thing that they love allot.

Diapering, peeing, and cummies in diaper

If you wont to see that sort of stuff i can recommend you to look into this blog post from that you can see that sort of thing.

It was kind of nice video that he post and you get a good engle to see when he wet inside his Bambino classico diaper. And you goung to hear allot of strong and nice crinkle sound from that diaper in this video. That make this video something special and the peeing sound make a good background noise to the sound of the diaper.

I hope you going to like what you see. And i wont to give you a warning that you going to see allot of Pee pee in this video. But if you like that sort of thing then this two videos that you can see in that blog post should be perfect for you to see.

SaveExpress have night open then 7/12

SaveExpress have night open In December the 12/07/2013 Saturday from 15 to 20, it is time again for our popular pre-Christmas shopping evening. Customers from Munich to Aalborg have already registered to experience the special offer. Coffee and snacks will be offered this night.

We look forward to your visit and hope you will pick up something nice that you can wear this Christmas.
Address: Mayor-Ramcke-Str. 2 in 25485 Hemdingen Germany

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant
KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant.

This 100% polyester knit waterproof pant has a polyurethane waterproof coating. It is soft, quiet, cool and breathable, with a top stitched side seam so they can be worn inside or out. Lycra waist and leg elastic bands – soft and does not pinch the skin. Hand wash and hang to dry.  Available in off-white and blue only.

KINS Adult Polyurethane Pull-On Pant Size Chart

Max Hip Width40”42”46”48”50”
Side Seam10”10”10”10.5”11”
Crotch Width12”12.5”13”13.5”14”
Leg Width15-22”16-23”17-24”18-25.5”19-26”

Price: 20 USD

Sounds like this is some interesting pants :) Wounder how the breathable parts work whit the diaper?

Foxy and his baby bottle

Foxy and his baby bottle
Foxy and his baby bottle.

The best thing that Foxy like to suck on beside his pacifier is his baby bottle. It make him weary calm and relax to suck on and it is always give him a warm and cozy feeling in his tummy when he suck on it. He love to close his eyes and focus on the warm and tasty baby formula when he slowly empty his baby bottle. And some time something else get warm to the front of his diaper when his bladder empty itself into his diaper. But that is not something that Foxy cars about. He have his baby bottle right now that he need to finish so he can have a cozy and nice naptime after that.

Draw by: revathescarf