Aww So Cute Adult Size Pacifier

Aww So Cute Adult Size PacifierAww So Cute has produced “Adult Sized Pacifiers” in 5 viberant transparent colors. Our new Adult sized binky features all the baby-like details you would expect especially from our design team. Our adult sized pacifiers feature:  a large natural crystal clear soft silicone nipple, similar to the popular NUK 5 brand but much better. Detailed handle, attactive transparent plastic. Our adult sized binkies promote hours of relaxation, being cute, having fun at any EDC event or just a good night sleep. Enjoy!

You can order the pacifier here:

No Drawing on the Walls!

No Drawing on the Walls!Looks like Caiden is at it again. He was let off with a time-out and a warning when he drew on the naughty corner wall ( . He wasn’t so lucky this time.

Cub: tugscarebear

Draw by: exoticlunarwolf


Yes kids that Caiden that draws on the wall end up whit a bare bottom over there mothers knee for a spanking so they learn to not do it again and it seems that Caiden have receive allot of spanking this time when his butt look this red. It most hurt allot. Wounder way he is not crying right now and beg his mother to stop spanking him? Maybe he knows that he deserve this for drawing on the wall.

Saturday Morning Rewind

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Check out the Saturday Morning Rewind cartoon podcast: (Interviewing your favorite voice-actors since 2012)

The Saturday Morning Rewind podcast is the perfect podcast for all cartoons lover. So i would really recommend it if you like cartoons.

Team Magma: Foxy

Team Magma: Foxy
Foxy here from Team Magma. May secret mission is so capture all Pikachu in the world and cuddling whit them all at the same time.

My official mission is to beat Team Aqua together whit may Team Magma friends.

Draw by: fangthefox

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little Lucario

Pokemon Comic: Diapered Little LucarioWell, Lucario was babysitting me for two months, mostly just changing my diapers. When I was occupied watching TV, he snuck into my room and grabbed one of my diapers and put it on. He didn’t realize me open the door. I was going to ask him for a change, and then I saw he was wearing my diapers. He saw me and made a terrified/ nervous look. I smiled, and started friendly teasing him about it. He tried to explain but couldn’t make anything up. Well, turns out he’s not that good at holding his stuff in when he’s nervous, because he made a huge warm mess into his diaper. He looked down to his super messy diaper, then to me. “You totally like it.”
He blushed and looked away, “Shut up…”.


Text and drawing bay: Poke-anima

Yes it really look that way that Lucario enjoy wearing diapers to and he seems to use them weary well to like his friend Pikachu do. Now them bout need to have a clean diaper before they starting to leak.

Today did i receive my order from NorthShore

20141006_193522Like you see on the photos above i receive my order from NorthShore Care Supply 1 package of the NorthShore Supreme Briefs and one package of there booster pads. It should be weary interesting to see how the NorthShore Supreme Briefs are for type of diapers. I have heard many good things about them so it should be weary interesting to see how they are. The only bad thing is they are kind of expensive special if you ship them from US to Sweden. I dont think i going to do it again when it cost this match money. But i always like to try out new things so that was the reason way i decide to order this diapers and the pads.

I really love the design on the packages . It have thous kind of things that i miss on the regular and bigger brands like Tena and Abena.

May only hope to get this diaper in the future is that SaveExpress make a deal so they can sell this diaper.