Christmas order from SaveExpress

Soon is it Christmas and that can be a good time to stack up some more diapers now when you are going to spend the holidays at home. So you have the diapers for the year that is coming. And like always i shop my diapers from SaveExpress and this time i order this diapers:

14163312,12EUR36,36 EUR
Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,, FOLIE 14er Packung
Neutrale Verpackung – neutral packing
3AKTION001117,99EUR17,99 EUR
Tena Slip Maxi , medium ,weiss/lila , ,24er Packung
4HEC40350117,29EUR7,29 EUR
Abri-Let Maxi 15x57cm Vorlage Abena ,30er Packung
5MDMST21,19EUR2,38 EUR
MyDiaper comfort Windel Gr.M ,weiss-bunt, Einzelstueck

I going to receive my order 23 December yes that is the day before Christmas and that day is the perfect day to receive some more diapers. Do you not agree?

Pichuboy have an amazing time whit his friends

Catching snowflakes on my tounge
Catching snowflakes on my tounge

Enjoying some time out in the snow.


Look like he have a wonderful time outside in the snow.

Xmas art mess
Xmas art mess.

Enjoying some arts and crafts time. I also figured out how to undo the tabs on my diaper.


I hope his mother or father is going to find him soon before something is happen whit his diaper. And that is going to happen something special if he decide to stand up now.

Staying warm
Staying warm.

Enjoying some hot coco by the fire.


Yes this is the best place to be special if you wont to stay warm only hope that your friends have a nice time to.

Pichu in this drawing is: Pichuboy.

This drawings is made by: Amiko.

Link to Pikachu-, Pichu-Pichuboy have an amazing time whit his friends and Raichu PlushsPichuboy have an amazing time whit his friends on Amazon if you wont to find a special friend to like Pichuboy have.


Not Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants

Not Ready Yet

*Tailtucks* But… I don’t wanna be put back in diapers. Those are for babies!

An amazingly cute and wonderful commission from the equally amazing wen.

Art by: wen.

Fox: Swiftfoxfire.


Yes diaperNot Ready Yet For Big Boy Pants maybe are for babys. But only because you need to wear this thick night diapers dont mean that you are a baby because of that. Allot of boys have trouble to stay dry during the night time so you are not the only boy that still need to wear night time diapers. You are going to grow out of it sooner or lather you only need to have some more time before you can handle it.

I know how hard it can be when the only thing you wont is it be a big boy that wear your cute underwear instead of the diapers that you wear now.

Panties Sponge Blue

Panties Sponge BluePanties in very soft and very comfortable sponge nights dreams …

Composed sponge, this pant fits neatly over a very thick diaperPanties Sponge Blue. It is lined with elastic through the waist and legs for a perfect fit. A cute little teddy bearPanties Sponge Blue is printed on the left side of the pants.


Material: sponge and cotton elastic through.
Color: Blue
Elastic waist and thighs.
Available in sizes XS to XXXXXL.
Crafted to order only.
Time Tailoring about 5 to 6 weeks.

Price from: 39,00 € tax incl.

You can find the pants here:

That is only one problem it seems like they dont have add any special size information to the description on this pants so it can be hard to tell what size you should have. And it is one other problem to it seems that perlasensua-shop have delete all information about ho you can contact them. But i hope that going to be back up soon.

Fitnessdk – Diaper

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Fitness DK was beginning to loose customers in the age group 18-25 and we were asked to win them back.

Directed by William Stahl.

Video by: peterstrange

I never would have thought that the man was wearing a diaper and what poofy diaper it was to. Wounder what sort of diaper that he is wearing?

You need to wear your diapers

You need to wear your diapersYou are going to wear your diaper wether you like it or not!

Source: .

I think that the dadda makes the right calls here. This baby boy needs to learn that good little boys wear there diapers and if they do something bad like tacking it off they get spanked. So i hope that baby sherlock have learn his lesson and that he listen and obey his daddy now like a good boy should do.

But i think that his daddy needs to put him in thicker diapers. The one he is wearing now dont seems to be that thick.