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Not Ready


Im still embarrassed to post this but I had to post it X3

Basically, at the age of 7 or 8, Tonio thought he was ready for pull-ups and wore one last night. But by morning he woke up in a heavilly soak pull-up, leaked, and wet the sheets. He began sobbing and cried out for his big brother Raven.
Well this pup will have to be back in diapers so he can be back in pull-ups and become a big pup
(also his shirt is buttoned wrong)

Character ©
Art ©

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/8835266/

Seams like you have a very long way to go to be out of this bedwetting thing. And i agree that you should be back in to more thick diaper then this thin pull ups that it seams that you are not ready for yet.. But dont worry lots of boys have trouble to keep the bed dry when there sleep. But it is beater to have a wet diaper then a wet bed. I think you agree to that to.

This is me right now

This is me right nowIt not something good when you have hurt your paw. Its hurts allot.

Draw by:   tato

So the diaper can come in handy when you dealing whit the pain and have trouble to sleep. So it going to be allot of wet and messy diaper a few weeks now. Have you some own experience about broken thing? How have you deal whit it?

Star Diaper Video Commercial

I most say i have newer watch a diaper commercial like this one. It is relay one of a kind and something special. But it looks like he’s a very happy boy and that’s the main thing. But he’s right there is always something to be happy about when the bed is dry. Do you not agree on that point? I think Scotty in the commercial agree to that :)

Qualitydiapers.net Race Car Diaper

Race Car DiaperSource: http://abdl1992.tumblr.com/post/30570103989/my-new-racecar-diapers


QualityDiapers.Net offers our exclusive line of Star and Race Car Youth Diapers for bigger boys between the ages of 8 to 15 years old.  Parents with kids and teens in this age range often find other products like Goodnites and Underjams not absorbent enough.  Star and our Race Car disposable diapers offer superior comfort with their highly absorbent core.  Comfy elastic leg gathers with additional barrier cuffs and smooth plastic backing (not cloth-like) make these disposable diapers for older children and teens simply unparallel to any diaper on the market.

Star and Race Car disposables are the only big kid youth diapers to combine quality and style. Both of these diapers offer a front landing zonewhich allows for the 4 sticky tapes to not only be fastened, but unfastened and then refastened again without tearing the plastic on the diaper.

Now you can give your child a positive solution for day and/or night time protection while providing comfort, style and features typically not found in youth diapers today.

You can find some pitchers on this site:

This seams to be something nice to look into:

Race Car Diaper:

Boys L:

-Smooth Plastic Outer Covering
-Bid Kids Graphics
-Stretchy Leg Gathers
-Standing Legs Cuffs
-65 lb to 125 lb
-22 inch To 30 inch Waist

Boys XL:

-Smooth Plastic Outer Covering
-Bid Kids Graphics
-Stretchy Leg Gathers
-Standing Legs Cuffs
-125 lb to 175 lb
-30 inch To 38 inch Waist

Star diaper:

-22 inch To 30 inch Waist/65 lb to 125 lb

-Smooth Plastic Outer Covering
-Stretchy Leg Gathers
-Standing Legs Cuffs

Young mam
-36 inch To 44 inch Waist/-165 lb to 225 lb
-Smooth Plastic Outer Covering
-Stretchy Leg Gathers
-Standing Legs Cuffs


Wounder way this two diaper dont have the same size info when it comes from the same company? Any one have a clue about that?


Diaper Boosters:
A “Diaper Booster” (also known as pads or doublers) is an optional insert than can be used inside either the Star or Race Car Diaper.  It provides additional absorbency to minimize changing during the daytime and prevents leaks from leg openings at nighttime.

Diaper Booster measures 6 inches by 18 inches and adhesive strip keeps liner secure inside diaper.

Bad that the dont have ad any information about how match extra absorbency this booster gives you.
Should be nice to try out this race care diaper bad that my waist is to big to try it. And i dont wont to try the star diaper there i should have the right size for it.