Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt

Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt
Baby-Stus new SuperTed T-shirt.

This is my new awesome super ted tshirt. Wearing a cuddlz that my big bro JJ changed me into (Thanks JJ for always looking after me and changing my nappies).

Text and photo by Baby-Stu://

If you click on the link above you can find more nice photos that he show his diaper and his new SuperTed t-shirt. And i most say that this T-shirt is a good combination whit the diaper that he is wearing :)

Wounder where he have order this t-shirt?

Yummy candy fills my tummy

Yummy candy fills my tummy
Yummy candy fills my tummy.

My chu polished off his Halloween candy and is very satisfyed and happy about it. Patting his chubby little tummy :).

Pichu: Pichuboy

Draw by: pichu90

Source: //

Yes it look like this Pichu have eat allot of his Halloween candy and maybe it is all of the candy that he recive during his trick or threat walk. But i think that he have eat to match candy and that is going to leave him whit a big stomachache lather and maybe a messy diaper to. I hope he have a good rest now after all this candy and i hope that he dont ends up whit to match stomachache. That should be something weary sad and bad if that happens whit this cute pichu. But sadly that is something that i bet is going to happen now when he have eat this match candy. And one other thing he is dont going to have any room left in his tummy now for the baby bottle now when it is loaded whit all this candy that he have eating instead.

Teddy is mean!

Teddy is mean!
Teddy is mean!.

I just found it in the grass and wanted to return it to the owner.

I guess it finds its own owners.

Marksy: Marksy.

Draw by: Kalida

Source: //

Awww this is so cute and i guess thats Marksy have right the Teddy bear have found a new owner that he have turn into a new baby and i think it is sweet. I should love to find a teddy like that and i think other whit me think the same way. Marksy look so cute when he try to hide the face behind the teddy bear that he have in his arms the only thing that he need right now to spice things up is a pacifier that should make him even more sweet. And i dont think this is a mean teddy bear only a weary lonely one that wont to find a cub that he can cuddling whit. That is what teddy bears like to do and that is what a cub like to do when they found something soft and cozy.

What do you think? Is this a mean teddy or a nice teddy?

Goodra and Pampeon

Goodra and Pampeon
Goodra and Pampeon.

Oh no! A playful pampeon is chasing Sara, the Goodra! I must admit, I find this gooey dragon adorable. Slime can be fun but it would probably wreck that diaper pretty quickly.

Order by: rogeykun.

Draw by: KelvinTheLion.

Source: //

Aww so cute that Eevee is something that i wont to catch so he can turn me into a baby. They look so cute togheter when they sleep in the crib and i think Eevee is doing this so he can get some company in the bed during sleep time. Or can this be something that can be permanent to Sara? If it is that pampeon have earn a new friend to play whit.

I hope they have some sweet dreams now when they sleep so close together in the crib.

Arms Up!

Arms Up!
Arms Up!.

Someone needs help changing clothes.

Cub: radix.

Draw by: WonderingWolf18.

Source: //

Aww this is so cute but radix look little worry about this cloths change. Wounder way? Maybe he dont wont to stand there wearing only his diaper? But he dont need to be worry it is normal for cub to receive help when they need some new cloths. Maybe it is bed time for him now or maybe the cloths has become dirty because he has played in the sandbox that boy cubs like to do when they are outside. I remember that i like to do that when i was a kid. It can also be the case that he have eat some food and the cloths can be dirty if he have decide to play whit the food instead of eating it.

But it is hard to see when you dont see how the old cloths look like but one thin can i be sure of that he look weary cute in this pose.

The robot!

The robot!
The robot!

You may wonder what the hell happened here!Well, to make the story a little shorter, the boss had recently acquired a robot!And that day the teachers had brought their elementary school students on an excursion to visit the boss’s company!

As always, the warnings of the teachers began:
“Don’t touch!Touch with your eyes and see with your hands!Behave!”

But … something always has to happen …Remi and Foxy did mischief and by “accident”, they activated the boss’s robot!

One of the main functions of the robot was … everyone who activate him without the boss’s voice command and his permission , will be automatically spanked!

Foxy:”I want my mommy!”
The boss:” I can’t turn off the robot,boys! The instructions say,he will turn off when he finishes the spanking!”

Definitely…boys will be boys…and curious too!

Guest character invited Foxy (abdl86)

Lineart by Victor/colors and story by: nelson88

It look like Foxy is going to have a toasted but soon to.