The staff mocks dementia on accommodation

Source for the pitcher:

The images where three employees of a dementia accommodation in Botkyrka mocks his patients were spread on Facebook.
Managers are furious, but the nurses are still allowed to work there.
– They violate the old says Maria Persson Lövkvist, operations manager for elderly care in Botkyrka.

Laid out the diaper photos on Facebook.

In early March, the the two of them put on adult diapers. A third-footed and put the pictures on their Facebook pages. Colleagues, but also friends and acquaintances “liked” and discussed the photos.
– “Oh, how beautiful you are.” “You should have the larger size.” It was the type of comment, the source said.

Insulting to our patients.

It’s insulting to our patients. They humiliate their need for incontinence, she says.
The three pointed working further while the investigation is ongoing. They can be turned off or redeploying. At worst, they risk getting fired.

I hope that i have get the translating right from the source page:

I hope this three staff member on the accommodation is going to get fired or at least a warning for this type of behaved. This sort of stuff should not be allowed.

No light in the end of the tunnel

No light in the end of the tunnel
No light in the end of the tunnel

Like the title say i still dont have any light in the end of the tunnel when it comes to find any new job. I think i going to need to wait a long time before i find any. I have send some applications to some stores but i have not get any positive responds yet. And i dont know if i going to get any positive responds when i dont have any work experience in the sector that I’m looking for. But i still hope that it going to turn to any positive soon but it dont look like that for now :(

The only thing that i can do right now is to keep looking to see if i find a job that i going to like. Maye i get lucky soon :)

In the mine time i can work on my blog and enjoy my diapers :) That is always something good. And i hope that one day i going to find the light in the end of the tunnel.

Pokemon Kid – Destroys Game Store

This is a video based on a real kid that used to come into my friends Game store. This was shot at a real store in Wisconsin.

Things you need to know about this kid
Favorite Food – Mushmelon
Favorite Saying – Thuper Cool
Favorite Color – Harry Potter
Favorite Thing to Do – Play video games for free at game stores.

Video create by: UWcollegelife

This is some very special Pokemon Fan :) do you not agree to that? Most have bean a very special clip to film. You are going to love it and watch this clip allot of times. I have seen this clip more then 10 times.

Acefox fights back the magic pacifier

Acefox fights back the magic pacifier
Acefox fights back the magic pacifier

after taking a little time and knowing that the paci is gonna have enough power to do a Real life regression again soon. acefox84 figures out that the paci feeds on embarrassment. so he musters everything to NOT be humiliated. to enjoy things.

needless to say the paci is not keen on this change of formula…

Draw by: catmonkshiro

Fox: acefox84

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.


Seams that finely acefox84 have found out how this pacifier work. But he still need to wear diaper for the rest of his life but he dont need to be worry about regression into a baby fox any more. Thats is always some progress. I only hope that he have the strange to fights back.

Decaf dragon’s powdery fate

Decaf dragon's powdery fate
Decaf dragon powdery fate.

decafdragon getting excessively powdered but… you guessed it, another goblin artifact!.

this one uses the aroma to hypnotize those around you to treat you like a baby, leaving you aware that you’re not :P.

Draw by: catmonkshiro.

Dragon: decafdragon.

I have not draw this page and the characters is not me.


Seams like this dragon have found some relay powerful stuff here. It is good that it keep him hypnotize. If it dont was that i think it should be more struggling from his part then. And it is weary cute when the aroma put allot of powder inside his Ninja Turtle underwear. But it should be more cuter if it was a diaper instead. Maybe we are going to see that in a lather pitcher :). That should be something awesome.