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ABU New Diapers Announcment: ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover

A new diaper from ABUniverse. The text below is copy from the company’s page about the new diaper. But it dontseams to be any pitcher available yet on the new diaper.


ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Cover is exactly how it sounds… our most popular disposable with an all-over print and a nonwoven, cloth-like top sheet and colorful fastening panel.
Like the plastic-backed Cushies, these feature a cute print of baby toys that also has a full-length image of solid wavy pattern like many of today’s real baby diapers. We then added a single 70mm Velcro®-style refastenable tape on each side and a panel with boats, planes, stars and hearts to make these look and feel so comfy soft they are irresistible!
These new ABU Cushies w/ Cloth-Like Covers are smooth enough to wear discreetly all day. And they offer the closest thing to what is available at the supermarket these days for babies and toddlers.
  • Lots of fiber fluff and Super Absorbent Polymer for an excellent absorbency rating (same thickness and absorbency as our regular Cushies and Super Dry Kids diapers)
  • Multi-color tape panel on the front for easy changing
  • Stretchy leg gathers provide a comfortable and secure fit
  • One large 70mm hook and loop style fastening tape on each side
  • Soft nonwoven cloth-like cover backing over waterproof layer
  • Available with or without our exclusive classic BabyFresh scent


What do you think about the new diaper? Are you going to order it or are you going to wait and see what people think about it?

Hypnocubs by tato

Drawing is made by: http://www.furaffinity.net/user/tato

Hypnocubs by tato
Hypnocubs by tato

Foxy: Look at the pacifier.
ReXam: hmmm. (I wont to have that pacifier)
Foxy: You are now under my control.
Foxy You should be in diapers for the rest of your life and use it in the same way like you do now.

Like you all see it dont work so good. I need to practice some more before i can try it again :)

Thanks to   tato

The reason i wont to have   rexam-1 in this pitcher is becours he is a very good friend to me and have help me whit things. So i dedicate this drawing to him.

And i wont to send a thank to   sleepycub for the hypnosis id.