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I wounder way she spank him when he still have his diaper on. Should she not take it off before she start to spank him? It going to hurt more for this Racoon if he is not padded like he is now. Or maybe he is messy then it can hurt allot if you get spanked when your still wear your messy diaper. But it is hard to see in this picture if the diaper is messy or not when it dont is in full color.  But it is still a very nice and good drawing.

My new pajamas from The All-in-One Company

After a long time of thinking and wondering if i should buy a pajamas from this The All-in-One Company. And last week i decide that i wont to order one from this company and here it is:

You can see a close up on the print bay visit this link: http://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/images/swatches/big/211.jpg

When i first try it felt like it was lite bit to tight on the upper body. But when I sleep in it, it feels like a perfectly fit. The pajamas is very cozy, worm and even very soft to wear and sleep in. And if you sleep or have a teddy bear you can bay the same Pajamas to him like the one you have order for you self. Bay visit this link you come to the right place there you can personalize the pajamas for you teddy: http://www.the-all-in-one-company.co.uk/teddies/

The service I received from the company when it ordered the pajamas was very good. They responded quickly to emails that I sent. I also got good answers to my questions and  the tried to help me as much as they could. So I could get as good a product as possible.

You can design the pajamas yourself and decide how it should look like.


New order from SaveExpress 2

I have today get this things from SaveExpress:

QuantityProduct no.DescriptionTotal
122187833Sanosan Pflegepuder 100g
1,11 EUR

1403500AO Vorlage Maxi 15x60cm Vorlage 28er Pkg.
6,26 EUR

23427590Seni -V- Vlies Formvorlage Maxi ,ohne Folie 30er Pkg.
15,94 EUR

39563-01Forma-care X-PLUS Slip Gr.M , Nacht , blau, 18er Pack. (IT)
32,22 EUR

2014163Abri Form M4 xPlus medium ,Slip,weiss ,14er,Packung
22,22 EUR

It is always nice to get new diapers from this store. And the have some good price on the diaper a shop to and lots of different types of adult diapers to. It has now so you can manage for a while with diapers also for them that I use at night.