Keep calm and wet your diaper

Keep calm and wet your diaper
Keep calm and wet your diaper

This cute picture whit the cute text have enzzin post on Tumblr. And i agree the best thing to use a diaper is to wet it and it look like this girl make a good job when she wet the diaper. But it can be good to change the diaper now before it starting to leak. Should not be so match fun if the bed get wet to and i think it is enough time to avoid a diaper leak.

Wednesday’s Fantastic Art Show (this week is Hexaod)

Hey Hey all me Wolfys here is me next art show this week is Hexaod a really really really super great artist just love his art soooooo much so thank you so much to him ^^

see you next time Wolfys

here is art page Hexaod

and don’t forget to check out these channels wolfys ^^………

The above information have i copy from the video description.

I hope you all enjoy this video :).



Finally got to draw this, I’ve had the idea since like the beginning of June! xD
I wanted to draw something Summery before it’s too late. :P

I haven’t been to a beach like this in years. TwT

Josh © me
art © me

Text and art ReXam-1


It look like Josh have every thing for a fun day at the beach. But it look like he have forgot a bucket and some spare swim diapers if he need to have a change. Because i think he going to spend the whole day at the beach and it can be good to have some spar diapers if you need change. But i hope that he going to have a wonderful time at the beach whit his red shovel and bathing ring.

Adult Baby Fire Trucks diaper cover

I found this super cute Adult Baby Fire Trucks diaper cover on a ebay newsletter and i decide that i should post it on my blog so more people can find this cute diaper cover. Whit some cute Fire Trucks print on.

Adult Baby Fire Trucks diaper cover
Adult Baby Fire Trucks diaper cover

Fire Trucks Cover.

designed and hand made with love and care by Me, MsLoraine , just for you.

 A fun diaper cover made from a soft cotton interlock knit fabric with a fire truck print,red ribbing trim at legs, this diaper cover is not lined, perfect for disposable diapers.Soft plush foldover elastic at  waist.

Seams are professionally serged for clean non-fraying seams and long lasting quality. 

 “cute baby  “.


waist: 26″ to 46″, max

hips: 46″ actual measurement,not stretched .

side rise:  9″.

crotch:  9″.

legs: 18″ to 29″.


You can find the Adult Baby Fire Trucks diaper cover action here.

Happy biding.

Small Slideshow of the new Chez Nathy nursery – Video

This video come from this blog post: .

I weary nice video from the new Chez Nathy nursery. It look weary nice and it look like she have allot of nice and wonderful things. Hope that the babys that are visiting this nursery have a wonderful and fun time. And i hope that she tacking good cars of the adult babys that are visiting her.

Should be nice to visit a nursery some time to see how it feels like and have someone that can tacking care of you.