Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Where is my tail? - Babyfur T-shirt
Where is my tail? – Babyfur T-shirt

Here is a pitcher of the new babyfur T-shirt that i have order. The print that i have use for this is a drawing that rainydays have draw for me. It turn out to be so good so i decide that i should like to print this on a t-shirt that i have do whit some of the art that i have order. It is always something special to wear a T-shirt whit babyfur prints on. The thing i always think is hard when it comes to order T-shirt whit your on print on is the size on the print. You dont wont it to be to big or to small. But i hope that i have get the right size on the print this time to.

If you wont to do something like this to you can always check out CafePress.com to make your order for a Babyfur T-shirt.

Nice morning walk

Today was it relay nice to be out for a morning walk. But today i dont walk 9 KM that i did the last weak. Because i think i get some foot problem from that long walk so i only walk for 6 Km today and that is a long walk to. The weather today was beautifully and the air felt fresh. Felt like it was a very nice spring morning and i like to be out walking in the morning.

I try to be out walk 5 – 4 Km every day so i can lost some wight. I hope that some day i going to have a slimmer hips so i can get more comfy fit whit some of the diaper i wont to wear special when it comes to adult baby diapers. Right now it feels like i am between the Size M and L. where the M feels a little bit to small and L feels to big. So i hope if i lose some weight it going to be the fix for my problem that i have whit this diapers.

  • Trip to the Mall in Diapers (adriansurley.com)

Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars

Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars
Babyfur Comic: Behind Bars.

I love this idea as a concept, mean individuals getting retrained by being regressed and reraised. Well stealing is bad so hopefully they’ll learn not to do it again.

Word and drawing from: toddlergirl.

Order: toyapup.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10456294/

Looks like they are paying with their adulthood for this crime and i can understand way this old lady make this happen. It is not nice and good to steal something that dont belongs to you. I can only hope that she raise them well so the dont ends up behind bars in the future. But i think she is going to do a nice and wonderful job whit raising them to be all well behaved.

49) Little Furs Productions Nickeback – Video

Little Furs Production
Nickeback in “If Everyone Cared”
Artwork by Sarah
FA page at http://www.furaffinity.net/user/orang…
Video by Pandr

Time for a new Little Furs Productions Video from Pandr and i think this is the first time that he have use pitchers from Sarah. But some time should be the first time and i think it is very nice of Pandr to do this video.

Where is my tail?

Where is my tail?
Where is my tail?

Foxy have learn from a friend at the kinder garden that if he do this type of pose he should get a clear look at his tail. But like we know this is not the right way to do if you wont to check out your tail. The only thing that you succeed whit this is to look very cute. And your face get closer to your diaper front to. But i hope that one day i get the chance to get a closer look on my tail.

But it is a very cute and wonderful pose. And i am happy that it turn out greet and cute.

thanks to rainydays

Bought more console games

After that i come home and bought the Need For Speed game that i mention in a early post. I decide that i should bought some more console games but to Wii. This time i decided to bought the Pokemon Pokepark games: PokéPark: Pikachu‘s Adventure and PokéPark 2: Wonders Beyond. The first one i bought from a Swedish store whit name spelbutiken.se the second game bought I from an auction site. The bought console games had nice and good price. I think i going to get the games on monday if i have the luck on my side.