I Caught A Pikachu!

I Caught A Pikachu!
I Caught A Pikachu!

Crunch wants to someday become one of the world’s greatest Pokémon trainers (even though he himself is a Pokémon), so he decided to throw on his pants he only wears to practice being a Pokémon trainer and practiced his battling on his Pikachu plushie. judging by his victory pose and Pikachu wrapped tight in his arm, he was successful! ^^

Crunch © poochyena
Poochyena & Pikachu © to Pokémon

Draw by: cyberpikachu

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11257176/

It look like Crunch have caught himself a Pikachu that he have looking in a long time. And i am happy that he finely have captured one so he search is over for him. I know that you maybe ask your self now how hard can it be to capture a Pikachu plushy. Then i can say you that it is not that hard or difficult to capture a plushy if you are an adult. But when it comes to cub this sort of thing can be a difficult task but they end up having a weary great play time :). And that is a weary good thing for a cub to play and have fun. And when the cub have captured he or she can do a cute pose about it.

So i wish you all a weary happy play time whit the plushes that you have to play whit.

All Tied Up

All Tied Up
All Tied Up

Adult: jimmyrumshot

Draw by: yurika400

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11239253/

I know it can not be so match fun to be all tied up and put in a thick diaper and force to suck on a pacifier. But if the furry that have put you in this crib wont to make sure of some imported thing. Like if you going to be in the crib for a long time you need to wear something that can handle the accident that you going to have and a diaper is the best thing for that. And for the pacifier it is good to make sure you stay all quiet so no one can find out about this. But i hope for the best of you that you dont need to be all tied up like that for a long time.

Smack it pichu!

[topswf swf=’http://www.myabdllife.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/08/1375340056.pichu90_sparksspankingselfanimation.swf’ width=’300′ height=’250′ wmode=’transparent’ flashvars=” allowfullscreen=’true’]

My take on the classic icon, with a slightly different angle yet and keeping cuteness at maximum :3

Looks like Sparks got away once again and isn’t telling where the cookies are! ;P

Text and drawing by: pichu90

Source: https://www.furaffinity.net/view/11239430/

It look from this animation that sparky like to smack his butt allot. Maybe some one should help him so the other part of his butt get some smack to. I hope his but dont take any damage from all this smacking. But it look like he can handle it for now :). I wish you the best smack luck and hope you have a fun time.

Today i receive my big order

Today i receive my big order from SaveExpress that i write about early this week.  Today UPS delivered my big order in two unmarked packets and this is how it look like.


In this two packets i have follow diaper packets:

3 package of Abri from X-plus plastic version.

3 package of Tena Slip Maxi plastic version .

2 package of Abri Let Maxi.

1 package of Seni booster.

This is some nice order and i hope i going to have enough diapers now for this part of the year. I still have allot of unopened package in the repository or what i should call it. Some time it feels nice to restock so i am sure that i not run out of diapers if i get a job lather this year. Kind of hard to order from SaveExpress when you dont can be home for the delivery. So i always make sure to place my order when i am home.

Keep calm and wet your diaper

Keep calm and wet your diaper
Keep calm and wet your diaper

This cute picture whit the cute text have enzzin post on Tumblr. And i agree the best thing to use a diaper is to wet it and it look like this girl make a good job when she wet the diaper. But it can be good to change the diaper now before it starting to leak. Should not be so match fun if the bed get wet to and i think it is enough time to avoid a diaper leak.

Wednesday’s Fantastic Art Show (this week is Hexaod)

Hey Hey all me Wolfys here is me next art show this week is Hexaod a really really really super great artist just love his art soooooo much so thank you so much to him ^^

see you next time Wolfys

here is art page Hexaod

and don’t forget to check out these channels wolfys ^^

The above information have i copy from the video description.

I hope you all enjoy this video :).