Leaking Night Diaper

Leaking Night Diaper
Leaking Night Diaper

I was sleeping deep and dreamed about my pacifier and a big scary sea because we should be on a big bot the next day. I dont like to be on the big sea it is scary. But suddenly i woke up a little and notes that may bed dont was warm and cozy any more. It was wet and cold and my bed sheet had a big wet mark. so i started to cry and that make my pacifier to fall out from my mouth. That make me even more sad because i love to use it and i could not find it.

I hope mommy is going to come soon i fell the bed is more wet now. Then it was before i woke up.

Draw by: ruugiaruu

I know how bad it is to woke up to a leaking night diaper it is not so match fun.

What do you do when you woke up whit a leaking night diaper? How do you feel about it? Do it make you sad or do you only think it is bad ?

Rugrats Special Scene – Video

This clip is from Reptar on Ice.

I can understand that tommy have some hard time to focus when that lizard is running around in his diaper. That is only something a toddler can think about to put something like that in his diaper. But you can see that tommy have puts allot of different thing in his diaper like his toy screwdriver.

I remember that i love to watch Rugrats when i was a kid and i still love to watch it. How about you? have you watch Rugrats some time?

High Chair Victory

High Chair Victory
High Chair Victory.

it’s so nice just to let go and allow yourself to be babied especially when you know it really pisses off your tormentor for the last 16 years. I wonder how long the paci will last now that the tables have been turned.

Fox: ace_fox84

Draw by: catmonkshiro

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10490936/

It seams that ace_fox84 finely have beat this magic pacifier and turn the table to his advantage. Hi is sitting there in his High chair and fully accept the his is a baby.  But i think that the magic pacifier is going to get revenge in some how. Wounder what the pacifier is going to do? Maybe ace_fox84 is going to regress even more of something? I hope that we are going to see more pitcher from ace_fox84 so we can see if the magic pacifier do something about his threat.

Take a look, It’s in a book

Take a look, It's in a book
Take a look, It’s in a book

Racoon: notoriginal77

Draw by: Wen

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/10493302/

I can see that notoriginal77 have a very relaxing and nice  time whit his book and diaper and i can understand that. It is always nice and clam when you have your padding/diaper on. That make you very relaxing and it is nice that you dont need to go away to visit the potty to. You can relax and let it come in the diaper and change when you have the time for it or when you wont to change your diaper. That is one of the best thing to wear diaper/padding it is made to handle this type of things.

So the only thing you need to to is to relax now whit you book notoriginal77. The diaper is going to take care of any thing else. Like it is made to do. :) And remember that you can always be happy and relax in your diaper :)

Max Diaper Extend Wide

Max Diaper Extend Wide

It seams like Max Diaper have start to sell there diapers would wide now :) Thats is good and i hope this is going to help people to know that you now can shop Fabine and ABU diapers from this Swedish reseller

If you wont your product to be available in this store you can check this page out.

I have a blog post that i made when i order diapers from this store the first time. It was when the for the first time open the gate to there store. So i think lots have happen over this first year. But if you wont to read about it you find the post here. The blog post is in English so you need to understand Swedish or translate the page if you are going to understand it.

I hope that you are going to like your order if you decide that you should make one. And i hope that you are going to like there shop. I wish you the best of luck whit your first order on Max diaper and hope that you are going to like there service.


The final countdown For Remi!

The final countdown For Remi!
The final countdown For Remi!

1)Remi:”Sammy, Sammy, you gotta help me!”

Sammy:”In what trouble you been now?”

Remi:”I don’t want to take  a bath,and  it’s too early to do so!I still want to play video games, but dad wants me to go to bed early! But first he  wants me to take a bath! No way!Hide me, please! Until  his anger is  over!Daddy wants to punish me with his belt!”

Sammy:”Okay,okay! Hide behind this couch and leave the rest to me!”

Remi:”Thanx  bro, I owe you one!”

2)Later, an angry Matt asked:
“Have you seen your brother? It’s late and he has not bathed yet!”
And Matt cried aloud:”You better not hide for  so  long,Remi! I’ll give you only  five seconds to get out, and  and bring your stinky  butt to me , right now!I started counting … five, four, three, two …!”

3)But before Matt came to count the last number, Sammy pointed his finger where Remi was hiding!

4)Matt:”There  you  are!After the bath you will sleep tonight  on  your  tummy,  because I will  leave  your  little  bottom  very  sore  and  sorry!”

Remi:”You’re a traitor!”

Sammy:”Sorry  bro… all’s fair in love and war!”

Lineart  by  Victor/colors  story  by: nelson88

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=380719

Seams like it is the final countdown now for Remi. I bet his daddy is going to spank him allot now and the toasted butt is going to hurt allot when he is down. I think he is going to revenge on Sammy the next day.