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Feels strange

It feels a little strange today. Normally, it would here be the last day that I would have to leave. But now that I do not have to work last time on my dismissal and the dismissal, it feels strange now that you do not have a job to go to anymore. The question is what will happen now? Will they find a new job this year or will you have to wait longer before getting a new permanent job.

I think I should be able to find a temporary job. Now that it is closer to the summer because there are many places that are looking for summer substitutes so there should be some chance of finding any thing there. Though there may be many who are looking for so I do not know if the chance is much greater there than it can be on the regular jobs searches i do for full time job.

But i do all thing i can do to find me a new job and i hope i going to succeed . That’s what matters most.

The positive in this is that I will have more chance to use diaper now than I had before. So i think my diaper stock to shrink now. Special if I will be out of work for a while.

I have an exciting time ahead. I hope it bring something good to me.

Regressed – First Part

Regressed - First PartMatt and grandpa Richard…are babies again!
It must have been one of those mischief made by Remi and Sammy!
And it seems that they used Their father’s invention,the formula of youth!

Remi:”Look Sammy!Theyy looks so cute inside  on little  otter’s  craddle!”

Sammy:”Yeah!But soon they will have their little white butts,all red!”

Remi:”With which one of them we started?”

Sammy:”You begin spanking dad and I will do the same with grandpa!”

Remi :”Let’s do it!”

Oh,oh!The  painful  consequences,comes  a  little  later for  the  twins…


Atrwork by my cousin/edited by my friend Victor and colors by me: nelson88

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: https://inkbunny.net/submissionview.php?id=348775

Seams like this two twins have turn in to two cute little dog cubs now. This age age regression thing can be weary powerful thing. But the are match cuter now then the was before. I think we all can agree on that part.

Hope the dont have a accident in the crib now when the dont have any diaper on right now. You newer know when a cub is going to wet.

Anakin The Two Legged Cat

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnakinTheTwoLeggedCat

Youtube: Tigerpixie ~ Anakin The Two Legged Cat – YouTube

Blog: http://anakintwoleggedcat.blogspot.se/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/anakintwolegs

This is relay something special to see. This is a strong and nice kitten i have newer see something like this.

Its seams like you can follow this cat in allot of ways :) That is something awesome and great.

Think about he lives whit only two legs and that dont seams to bother him. That is amazing and relay special and great to.

Get some more diapers

Today i get some more diapers. The diaper i had order was this 1 case of Tena Slip Maxi (3*22 =66 pc) and 2 pc of Tena wet wipe. Can be good to have some more wipe at home so i have something to use when it is time for the diaper change so i can be all nice and clean around the diaper area so i dont get diaper rash. That can be relay bad.

I have get a secret package to whit allot of different kind of diapers. You can say it is like a big pack of sample. Should be nice to check this out little bit closer some other time. So i can see what type of diaper that he send me.

Seams like a can have allot of nice diaper times now :)

Getting Ready

Getting ReadyDraw by: Wen

Character: MaxxieFarlane

Please not this is not a drawing that i have made and the character is not me.

Source: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9584853/

I hope that MaxxieFarlane have a nice day now. And he dont need to be worry about any accident. He have his diaper on that can handle it so all should be yous fine and nice. Hope he is going to do something nice and fun today :)

Order a new T-Shirt

Thumb suck

Here is a pitcher of a new T-shirt that i have order. Should be so nice to wear this one when it have arrive. I only hope that the print is big enough. I dont wont to end up whit some small print on the t-shirt. Should be so nice when i get this can barely wait. Should be a awesome thing to wear. This print really fit on a t-shirt or what do you think?

I would like to thank roareyraccoon on more time for drawing this wonderful and awesome art.